tracking employee hours

Tracking employee hours for HR managers has the same weekly scenario: every Friday there’s a pile of timesheets to review and tons of data to enter into the computer.
Is there a way to make it all easier for HR managers? Yes, there is.

What Does New Technology Offer?

Along with the way that technologies shift the way we work, they also offer solutions that allow to streamline major business and HRM processes.
Tracking employee hours is much easier if you are using a tool that is up-to-date. If most employees work at the computers nowadays, then it does make sense to track the time that they spend at it.

Tracking Employee Hours the Easy Way

How would you like if you no longer had to enter all the data manually? It would save you hours, or even a whole day of work and help eliminate data entry errors
To help you with this, exists a tool called Yaware.TimeTracker. It is an automated time and attendance tracking software that captures every minute of employees’ billable and unbillable time.
The application provides you with the following information:

  • time of the beginning and the end of the working day;
  • total worked time;
  • a list of used applications and websites;
  • productivity analysis according to the used apps and websites;
  • time spent away from the workplace (meetings, phone calls, lunch breaks, negotiations, etc.)

Yaware.TimeTracker builds all the collected information into reports, which are stored securely in the cloud and can be accessed from any Internet-connected device.

Get automatically filled in timesheets in addition

Paper timesheets and Excel spreadsheets are outdated for tracking employee hours. As the workflow has become more dependent on computers, it doesn’t make any sense to keep manual records of employee time. Neither for employees nor HR managers.
Because of that, Yaware.TimeTracker offers automatically filled in timesheets. The principle is simple: in the settings specify the time that the employee has to work at the computer, and as soon as s/he hits it, the system will automatically check it into a timesheet.


Tracking employee hours using  Yaware.TimeTracker keeps the painkillers away from you. You get accurate data, which is easier to collect, analyze and share. So, get started with streamlining the way you track employee time.

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