You cannot get rid of the thought that your employees could spend their work time more productively than they do now? You feel that the Internet is not always used for work purposes only by your staff? Then you should know – you’re not the only employer with a similar issue.
A research shows that over 60% of employers gather data about the Internet activity of their subordinates. There are numerous means for getting the necessary info, like looking through browser history, installing surveillance systems or even using spy software. However, all of these methods require lots of time – digging in each employee details is quite time-consuming. Moreover, they can hardly be called civil.
Instead of losing time just to finally catch an employee on playing an online game or messaging in social networks, you can use a time tracking tool to monitor the work of all employees at once and bring you the essentials “on the plate”. That’s not the end of the list of its benefits, so read on for more.

Why you need a time tracking with screenshots for your company?

  1. It lets gather complete information on the quality and amount of work done by your subordinates.
  2. It is an excellent means of disciplining staff – the realization that they are monitored is a strong motivation to work better.
  3. It helps measure and increase productivity of work company-wise and each employee in particular.
  4. It is a helper for employees having trouble with time-management.
  5. It lets delegate control over staff to managers and supervisors according to their role while retaining the possibility to see a clear picture anytime from anywhere using the Internet.
  6. It is a way out for companies working with freelancers paid on a hourly basis.
  7. It opens the possibility for employees to work flexible hours or even work from home.

How it works?

Naturally, such a wide scope of opportunities is hard to believe at first, so take a look at the functionality of a time tracking with screeshots.
It is installed on each computer that needs to be monitored and gathers information about all activity taking place on it:

  • when an employee switched the computer on and off (in other words, started and finished work);
  • what websites he/she visited, which software and apps used. This will be indicated with the time of start and end as well as overall duration for each particular resource;
  • all breaks (absences from the computer), their exact timing and reason (if required);
    overall time worked;
  • productivity percentage (based on the configurable productivity of resources used, for example – for an accountant Facebook is nonproductive, Excel – productive).

Not enough? Visualize it!

In case, due to work specifics, the abovementioned data is not enough to get a clear view of the work your employees are performing, there is a way to literally see what they are occupied with at a definite moment with the screenshot feature of a time tracking app:

  1. Basically, it captures screenshots of the employee’s computer screen at a set rate.
  2. Screenshots are automatically marked as productive/nonproductive based on the website/app used at the moment of capturing.
  3. Similarly, it can record video captions using a webcam to check, for example, the presence of an employee at a workplace or his/her occupation (useful for monitoring night shift workers, for instance).
  4. Surely, it requires more time to sift through the screenshots than simply view the visualized reports, but it lets dot all the “i’s” in case of necessity.

The great news is, you can try out the functionality of a time tracking service like Yaware.TimeTracker at no cost for 14 days. So complete a short sign up and see it in action with your own eyes in a matter of minutes.

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