Time Tracking Software Nothing Personal, Just Increase of Productivity

As a matter of fact, all the conversations concerning time tracking software and attempts to portray the boss in the image of a spy, is nothing more than a foofaraw. It is more a question of perception than reality.

The main reason for the implementation

Although, most headlines shout out about corporate espionage attempts to share pornography at work, most companies are simply concerned about employee productivity. Managers, who practice employee monitoring, are worried about the amount of time employees spend on non-work activities.
The researches have repeatedly proven that employees spend around 10 hours a week, surfing the web. And the vast majority of employees uses the Internet for personal needs, such as emailing, online shopping, and online gaming.
Companies want to recoup losses to become more competitive, and time tracking software helps to understand how much time is being wasted.

How do employees react?

Do you think, that the implementing of a monitoring tool will hurt employee morale and motivation? Let’s have a look.
Employees are often against the installation of the monitoring software, because they`re concerned that the manager will know too much. Like a kind of Big Brother.
However, thousands of companies use time tracking software, and employees agree with the monitoring.

Rational approach is the key

The main rule to follow after the implementation is a rational approach to employees’ work analysis.
In the matter of fact, employees have nothing against the time tracking software, they are afraid of the consequences caused by its implementation.
If the manager is going to monitor every minute and excoriate every single visit of a “wrong” website, any worker will mutiny. Understanding that any human needs a break will help to avoid conflicts
Besides, some managers might not check the reports daily, or several times a day. It is already enough that the monitoring software is implemented, and employees know about it. Simply being aware of monitoring, employees stop wasting time.
Moreover, the employees can even use the time tracking system to their profit.

To implement or not to implement?

If you want to monitor every minute and activity of employees` work, it is not a wise decision.
But if you want to determine and increase the overall productivity in your company, then time tracking software will a great solution.

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