Time Tracking to Boost Employee Morale

While time tracking proves to be extremely effective in measuring employee time and productivity it can also be very good at boosting morale within an organization. As is confirmed long ago material reward is not the sole and the most critical motivator at the workplace – corporate standards of morale and ethics are usually equally important, if not more.
With social responsibility becoming more and more influential in doing business money is no longer enough to encourage staff to be productive and satisfied with their jobs. They need to know their company respects and promotes the right values – the ones which could be consistent with their own beliefs and opinions.
Moreover, these values have to be respected within the company itself in the first place, otherwise how else can they be projected outside – onto customers, partners, local communities?
It is clear tracking time increases ROI by collecting precise data on productivity. Let’s now see how exactly it can increase morale among your staff as the latter directly impacts productivity (American economy, for example, loses $300 million because of disengaged employees.)

Time tracking fosters transparency and equality

Managers’ attitudes towards their staff usually vary and seeing this employees often feel disappointed. They sense less encouragement and objectivity and therefore think it pointless to try to work better since no one is going to notice it.
Tracking time means equal rules for everyone. These rules are transparent and concern everyone. Now that the feedback on performance is really objective the staff have real incentives to strive for better results. They can take this as an opportunity for career promotion, a chance to show their real potential or a way to prove they were underestimated and much more can be expected of them. In any case these new attitudes positively influence their personal productivity and team’s productivity at large.

Time tracking increases confidence and safety

Tracking work time gets more and more essential in light of different work schedules now allowed by many companies. Most managers know some tasks (especially those that demand a bit of creativity and critical thinking) could often be done faster at home. They also don’t want to lose talented employees if the latter cannot work full day at office for some reasons. With time tracking software estimating productivity of freelancers and staff with flexible schemes is immensely easier and completely objective.
The latter can now be sure their work hours are precisely recorded, even if they worked overtime. It’s a strong incentive for them to keep working for the company which doesn’t make things hard in terms of work hours and payroll calculation just because they’re not directly in the office.

Time tracking boosts overall productivity

Time management, prioritizing, scheduling could often make staff feel uneasy about their daily tasks. This may be partly due to poor organization skills. More fundamentally, it also refers to human’s tendency to ignore detailed progress on our activities – it’s basically a cognitive problem when one knows things are moving forward in general but is reluctant to check out how exactly they move and if anything could be done better.
On the contrary, tracking time shows where the time goes – from time spent on projects to websites, software, email, phone calls and much more. It shows where employees are most and least productive. It’s also a good way to know if talent is supported and promoted within your organization. Employees are happy and productive if they do what they can and like best. This obvious fact is unfortunately often ignored by managers. Tracking time will help determine who is best at what and match everything accordingly so that everyone’s spirits stay high.
To sum this all up, happy, productive employees will be the first to advocate for and promote overall morale and well-being. Tracking time leads to increased productivity on a much deeper level than just showing who was late and was not. It helps create a team of enthusiastic, productive individuals who know what they want to achieve and who could be extremely appealing to the outside world making your company a great place to work.

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