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Growing startups and businesses has never been easier than it is today. And the main reason for that is the Internet. It removes all the limits and allows to leverage talents from all around the world.
You don’t have to squeeze all the people you want to hire into a small office or find the office that is big enough. Besides, usually startups just don’t have enough money to rent an office.

There are some hidden drawbacks to hiring contractors though

For many businesses, it is hard enough to keep the working hours and productivity of in-house employees under control. How can you do this to someone who’s probably working wearing pajama?
However, the arrangement that both sides are looking for is fair payment. The contractor wants to be paid fairly for the work done. And the employer wants to make sure that the time that s/he or the client pays for is used properly.

The best way to solve this problem is to use a time tracking software

The best way to benefit both sides is to use a time tracking software. On one hand, it allows the contractor stay accounted for their time and boost productivity. On the other hand, the employer can make sure that the work gets done, and the employee gets paid for it fairly.

What if the contractor uses Linux?

Even though Linux is not a very popular, it still has its fans, which counts around 70 million people. First of all, because it is open source, and users get a chance to “play around” with the OS. Second of all, it is virus-free. The majority of viruses are created for popular OS’s.
So, what if the contractor uses Linux? Just use a time tracker for Linux.
But here’s a challenge, you don’t have that many options. Because Linux is not widely used, not all time tracking vendors decide to adjust their product.
But not Yaware.TimeTracker. It supports all Linux version, so you’re free to choose.

What features does Yaware time tracker for Linux offer?

1. Automatic time tracking

Get accurate data about the working time of the remote employee/s. As well as automatic time tracking allows to stay fully concentrated on the job, because there’s no need to switch between tasks.

2. Desktop screenshots

Screenshots are a must if you employ contractors. They are one of the greatest ways to ensure the productivity of the employee and check the progress of their work.

3. Internet and software use monitoring, automatic productivity assessment

Yaware.TimeTracker divides all websites and software that employee uses during the day into three categories:

  • productive
  • unproductive
  • neutral

This way you can find out what pushes the remote employee/s off balance and learn their productivity patterns.

4. Web-based time tracking

Yaware.TimeTracker is web-based, so you can easily install it on a remote computer, just by sending a download link by email.

5. Reports for the contractor

Yaware.TimeTracker provides the time and productivity reports to each employee that's being tracked. So each of them can stay accounted for a number of hours worked and can see the analysis of their productivity. They can see what pushes them off balance and increase the efficiency of time use.

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