In order to benefit from implementation of an automatic time tracking software you should follow certain guidelines.
First of all you have to choose a time tracking tool that suits your business. When looking for one consider the following:

  • it should be easy to use, both for you and employees;
  • shouldn’t require manual data entry;
  • help employees to allocate time losses.

But chances are that even if you find the right tool, employees may still feel like the Big Brother is watching them.
So, here are the questions answers to which could turn time tracking from a werewolf to a helpful Superman.

Why do you want to implement?

Did you take some time to explain your employees why you want to track time and hear their feedback?
If you decided that your company needs an automatic time tracking software, then you definitely have a couple of good reasons for it.
Make sure to communicate with your employees about it. Ask and answer questions. Be honest about why you want to start using a time tracking tool and share your expectations about what the tracking data will bring you.

How are they going to benefit?

Nothing can make time tracking software more appealing for employees than the possibility of personal benefit.
Explain the benefits of time tracking, like :

  • accurate paychecks;
  • possibility to have a flexible schedule;
  • better time management skills, etc.

After this, you will definitely have your employees on the same page with you.

What are the consequences?

There is no point in implementing an automatic time tracking software if you are not going to look through the reports that it generates for you.
So, if you have the reason for implementing, also have a list of results you would like to achieve.
Let’s say you want to see how many meetings you have in a week and determine their productivity, or see which employees are overloaded and underutilized. This way you can evenly distribute the workload among employees.
Got that list? Make sure you share it with your employees.
Do you have any other questions your employees asked you about automatic time tracking software? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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