employee computer monitoting software

The majority of employers, as well their staff see employee computer monitoring software as a tool for surveillance.
However, this software has many other uses. One of them is the ability to help the executives balance out employees’ workload.
The optimal workload is essential if you want to have happy and healthy employees, who feel satisfied with their work.

Why is it important to determine and optimize the workload?

There is a good reason for why people were fighting for a 40-hour workweek.
Going over 40-hours hurts employee productivity. Even if it’s one time that your team has to go over the limit, it’s a good idea to give an additional day off, so they could fully recover.
If employees are constantly overworking, very soon they will burn out. And this time an additional day-off will not be enough.
Frequent overload will result in decreased creativity, employees will look and feel tired all the time, no matter how much rest they have. They will become less motivated and encouraged with their job.
Sounds terrible, huh?

How to determine the workload using employee computer monitoring software?

As an example, Yaware.TimeTracker collects the following information that allows to determine the workload:

  • total worked time;
  • time of the beginning and the end of the working day;
  • Internet and software use;
  • productivity analysis.

What is the most common sign of an overloaded employee? They stay up late at the office.
However, there are few nuisances here. First of all, employees can stay up late because they simply don’t want to go home. Secondly, they might have the zeal to go an extra mile. And last but not least they can actually be overloaded.
With employee computer monitoring software, you can accurately determine employees’ after-hours activities by analyzing the software and websites they were using.
Thus, if you see that the employees stayed at the office to play some games or surf the social media, then they just don’t want to go home. But if the employee has been using work-related resources, then s/he is hard working or overloaded.
So, to recap: employee computer monitoring software shows the total worked time of each employee and provides the analysis of their work. The more worked hours there is, the more likely employees to be overloaded.

What should you do next?

Now that you know the potential candidates to be called “overloaded employee of the month”, review their workflow.
Take a closer look at the activities they do. Maybe some of them are outdated or no longer efficient. Or simply a number of tasks does not correspond employee’s capabilities.
And if you found a hard-working employee – use his/her zeal. Let it express not in the number of hours worked, but the quality of accomplished tasks. Assign more complicated projects, but make sure that working on them doesn’t take longer than 8 hours a day.


Employee computer monitoring software is a proven way to determine employees’ workload. Use it on a regular basis to keep your staff productive, healthy and happy!

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