It`s easy to make a mistake when choosing a candidate for promotion. Managers are often disarmed by the employees energy and the fact that they are always in sight. And how surprised the managers become when they find out that the young and perspective candidate couldn`t handle their duties.
Therefore it is very important to seriously approach the assessment of a candidate for promotion. There are many methods that can help you choose the right person. One of them is to perform staff time tracking using Yaware.TimeTracker.
The system begins it's work when the computer is turned on and tracks until it's tuned off. It records all information about each employee`s performance at the computer and translates it into reports.
Let's consider a practical situation to understand how staff time tracking can help you make the right decision.

The comparison of a candidates performance

Let`s say that there are two candidates for the place of head of the sales department.
Carole King – serious, laconic, thoughtful woman. She is not too sociable with colleagues and spends almost all of her time at the computer.
Donna Summer – the soul of the department. She is charismatic, always in sight, always busy, running around with documents. In general, her work is in full swing.
Seems like it's obvious who's perfect for this promotion, but let`s take a look at their performance for the past week.
If we go to “Reports” – ”Activities” – “By employee” we`re going to see this:
Carol`s report
Carol uses only work-related programs and websites, spends a lot of time on meetings and makes a lot of phone calls. Her private time takes only 22% of total worked time per week.
Plus she comes in on time and doesn't leave early
Now let's take a look at Donna's report:
Donna`s report
Here the picture is quite different. Donna is often absent from her workplace (the gaps between charts). She spends 30% of her time surfing non-work-related websites.

Th dynamics of a candidates performance

Using Yaware.TimeTracker you can compare rises and drops in employee performance.
Here you can see that Donna's and Carol's performance are similar in general. Though Carol's performance is more stable than Donna's.


After comparing Donna's and Carol's performance, you can confidently say that Donna is just creating an illusion of a hard working employee. She's probably not the best candidate to the head the sales department.
Using time tracking software and staff time tracking you can make considered decisions.

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