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HR managers do have a hard time. They have to stay up to date with lots of regulations, rules and instructions. They have to be aware of the slightest changes in labor law and keep records of employee time, overtime…Yeah. They are not to be envied.
So how can automatic time software like Yaware.TimeTracker help HR managers?
Yaware.TimeTracker is an automatic time tracking software application. Install it on any employees` computers and it will collect all information about their work during the day.

What exactly does Yaware.TimeTracker do?

1. Keeps a record of working hours

Yaware.TimeTracker records the time at the beginning and the end of the working day and automatically calculates the total worked time. All information is collected in the “By Time” report.
Report By time

2. Counts actually worked hours

Yaware.TimeTracker captures the resources that employee is using during the day and analyzes them. Non work related resources are estimated as unproductive and are marked in red. Resources that are necessary for effective work – productive and are marked in green. Those resources which are used for work, but rarely, are marked in gray and called neutral.
Time spent on work with each resource is colored according to a category. If a person has spent almost half a day on unproductive resources, can it be considered as productive?
Estimate employees` productivity with automatic time tracking

3. Automatically completes timesheets

All data is automatically entered into timesheets.
For the convenience of analysis, the working day, sick leave, holidays and vacations are highlighted in different colors.
Automatic time tracking software collects information about performance and enters it into timesheets

What are the benefits to HR managers?

1. Save time. Yaware.TimeTracker stops HR managers wasting time on calculations, manually filling in timesheets and reports.
2. Accurate information. Yaware.TimeTracker reports enable HR managers to know exactly how much time employees work which is especially important for a flexible schedule or remote employees.
3. Allocate resources. Yaware.TimeTracker enables HR managers to have a fulll overview on the company and can help allocate the appropriate resources to a project or grow the teams as needed.

So what are you waiting for?

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