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People who run a successful business definitely have a Superman costume hiding in their closet. How else would you explain that they always energized, find themselves at the right time in the right place and do the impossible amount of work?
However, it’s not the costume that makes them so powerful, but the success of what they do. Think of the last time you succeeded in something. It felt great, you were happy, ready to do more or the same thing again, even though it seemed scary or impossible at first.
Success powers us, and so it powers employees.
The good question you probably have right now is: “How can I make my business successful?”. We say: “Through optimization of major business processes and increasing employee productivity.”
And there are few greater ways to optimize the workflow then implementing a business productivity tools, like time keeping software.
So here are three reasons for you to consider using such a tool:

1) You are trying to figure what’s wrong about the workflow

If your business is not reaching it’s potential, then the chances are high that one or some micro processes work the wrong way.
Time keeping software gives you a better look into the working process of each employee: what they do, which websites they visit and what apps they use.
The dramatic reason for why your business is still not on the pages of Forbes, The Washington Post, etc. is because employees distract too often. Despite the fact that the society changes its opinion on Internet as a distraction at the workplace, you still have to keep it under control. Some employees might spend 30 minutes surfing the web to relax, and some might spend hours, forgetting about the stuff they have to do.
But except for social media, there are other reasons like uneven workflow, poor employee morale, etc. that could be detected and eliminated if you used a time keeping software.

2) Administrative tasks consume way too much time and money

If you keep using paper timesheets, then every month you probably have to spend a fortune to either print or order them. And you definitely have to hire a person to collect them, process, approve, etc. And most definitely you need a place to store all the timesheets.
Summerizing, keeping paper timesheets is time and money consuming.
Having a timekeeping software though saves time, simplifies timesheet administration and improves payroll processes.
E.g., using Yaware.TimeTracker employees don’t even have to fill out the timesheet. The system does it. And there is a single timesheet for the whole company, so all data is stored centrally. Thus, the HR-manager or the accountant can access the database and get or log the information they need fast and effortlessly.

3) You don’t have historical data about your business

Implementing any novelty requires you to go through certain steps:

  1. detecting the problem;
  2. building the decision;
  3. implementing the decision;
  4. analyzing the result;
  5. repeating the successful action.

However, having no historical data about the performance of your business, you will have problems with the first step, and as a result with the rest of the steps. At best, the novelty will simply fail, at worst it will hurt the overall workflow.
But hey, it’s never late to get started right? Using a time keeping software, you get a centralized database, a place that securely keeps the information and which you can access anytime.
So, use the data to analyze and detect the problems, build right decisions, implement them at the right time and place and analyze their success.

In conclusion

There are so many other great things that time keeping software can help you find out or improve. The material describing them would probably be enough to write a book. So, give time keeping software a try and see if it helps you to tell your success story.

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