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Do you have time to think at work?
This sounds weird because is it possible not to think about work while actually working? Strangely enough, most people don’t have time to really think about how and why they’re doing this and that.
Here’s some immensely useful information that a time tracking app revealed about our workplace productivity. In short, this is how it can be put: do you leave some time for active thinking about your performance in your schedule? If not, you should.

How the time tracking app helps you see the most important things

A typical schedule of a typical employee looks like this: every day is planned down to the minute, half of the tasks are urgent right now and another half is top priority right now. One can hardly free up time for thinking, right?
However, a lot of daily activities could be done faster and better if you take your time and think about them. Take workplace training as an example. As a business owner or manager you need to solve plenty of issues. When your business is small you can personally look to all those things. But as it grows and evolves you just can’t solve every single issue. You need your staff to help you, in other words you need to learn to teach and train them in the first place.
Well, what the data collected by the time tracking app showed is that you usually spend less time on training and coaching than on trying to squeeze as many tasks in your schedule as you can and do them all.
If you give your team enough time to learn, they can do their jobs better. Also, the time tracking app shows time for thinking is not scheduled at the expense of daily workflow because you can just choose the best time periodically.

You need time to figure out how to grow your business in the right direction

What are the latest industry news? How are customer needs changing? Are there any new ways to improve your product or service? How will your company look in 3 years?
If you don’t have time to seek for answers to these questions, it’s going to be difficult to grow your business. Schedule some buffers – and you will be able to catch up with really important things for your team and company. With the time tracking app like Yaware.TimeTracker it’s easy.

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