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Becoming a boss is a dream of many people, and it is no wonder. High salary, overall respect, lots of perks and having no one “above” – these are often associated with the top positions in business. But this is just one side of the coin, and although it is more conspicuous, it is “smaller”. The bigger, and more significant part of being at the steering wheel of the company is way less attractive.
Being a boss is demanding and strenuous as you’ve got huge responsibility on your shoulders – you don’t get paid for nothing. You’ve got to take care not only of the business in general but also of all the company staff. You have to make decisions, and some of them determine the further direction and future of your company. Moreover, a good boss needs to entrust the subordinates with important tasks and still be to blame in case anything goes wrong.
If you want to be a great boss, it is not only the figures and growth you should care about. Your foremost task should be building the relationship with your employees as well as facilitating their productivity, which will certainly be reflected in your business fast progress. However difficult it might seem, becoming a great boss is achieved through learning and hard work. Also, there are tools like productivity software that can help you make this job easier and less time- and effort consuming.

Productivity software – the best friend for a boss

The key principle of productivity software is collecting objective data on employee activity on their computers: when they start and finish work, how many breaks they take and how often, which websites and applications they use, for how long, etc. Let’s take a look at how you can use this data to become world's best boss.

1. Measuring productivity

Productivity software like Yaware.TimeTracker categorizes the resources used by employees depending on their relation to work as productive, unproductive and neutral. Based on this data, it estimates the work productivity of each employee. So, having this info at hand helps you as a boss ensure fair treatment for all staff members, which is an indispensable condition of creating healthy atmosphere within the team/company. You will have objective reasons to reward those featuring high efficiency, and take measures towards team members who shirk their duties and spend time at work for non-work related activities.

2. Creating healthy competition

Yaware.TimeTracker has a rich reporting capability and presents the gathered info in a clear and convenient form of graphic reports. One of them is dedicated to productivity ratings. Basically, you’ll get the list of all staff members starting from the one with the most of productive time to the person with the least of productive time. You can set the desired period and compare departments/teams using this feature. It is a good chance to facilitate employee efficiency by organizing a sort of competition between the teams. It is also a good idea to introduce weekly/monthly/yearly productivity rewards, which will act as an extra incentive for staff.

3. Optimizing workload

Using the time tracker data, it is simple to detect employees who are overloaded with work – they usually have little to no unproductive time, take few short breaks, work overtime and nevertheless have a lot of tasks to do. Another category of employees, vice versa, successfully meets all deadlines while spending lots of time for unproductive activities. This can be the sign that their work is either too easy for them or they simply have not much to do. By sharing the workload between team members of the first and the second category, you’ll achieve higher work efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Bottom line

This is just a small list of possibilities you receive with the implementation of productivity app like Yaware.TimeTracker. Discovering all of them is simple and costs you nothing – sign up and enjoy the 14 days of using the full package without any limits.

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