Outsourcing is not a new phenomenon. Many organizations nowadays use outside workforce to perform activities, that could be handled by internal staff. Outsourcing means that the company contracts out some functions to specialized service providers. These are the main reasons of such a tendency:

  • Reducing Costs;
  • Gaining access to world class resources and capabilities;
  • Sharing risk with a partner company;
  • Freeing up internal resources;
  • Taking advantages of lower corporate tax rates;
  • Improving of organization focus.

Once you decide to outsource, check the list of 5 top countries for this:

  1. India. This country is one the most popular for outsourcing. There are a few main reasons for that: a lot of english speaking citizens, low wages and second highest population in the world. Regardless Indian accent, there are a lot of professionals and hard workers.
  2. China. Even though this country has entered world’s economy only 21 years ago, it has the world's largest population and a big will to succeed. China’s current outsourcing market is growing an estimated 30% per year. Bringing product manufacturing to this country allows you to create a higher volume of product for reasonable cost.
  3. Malaysia. The Global Business Services industry is one of the core focuses in the economic development of Malaysia towards its transformation into a high-income, knowledge-based economy by 2020. To date, there are more than 350 foreign and multinational companies who have set up regional and global shared services and outsourcing centres in Malaysia.
  4. Thailand. On one hand its low costs and on the other hand its high returns entice business gurus from the whole world to invest into Thailand. However, the country’s drawback is its political instability and lack of innovative professionals.
  5. Indonesia. This country is now restructuring its structure toward economic growth. The main proponent of Indonesia is the IT segment, which include training, SI, support, internet, and global professional services. If you are looking to join the IT segment, Indonesia has to be the first consideration.

So, after you choose the country for outsourcing and examine all of the financial, resource and strategic factors, it’s time to ensure that the process will run accurately and smoothly.
Do you know how to keep track on what is going on on your outsourced departments? Day-to-day management routine requires the knowledge on employee performance, which can be delivered by time tracking app. Thanks to it you will find out:

  • how much time was spent on each particular website/app;
  • if employees come to work on time;
  • the workload of each team member;
  • the productivity of employees;
  • if there are more online or offline activities and how long they take;
  • how the workplace looks like (thanks to screenshots and webcam snapshots).

Stay competitive on the market, use advantages of outsourcing and keep it efficient with the help of Yaware.TimeTracker!

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