Every business is individual and has specific needs when it comes to human resources. Some businesses feel the need to have more office employees, then freelancers, and some vice versa.
But what, unites all businesses is the wish to measure and increase employee productivity, and that’s where a time tracking tool comes at handy.
But first, let’s compare the benefits of hiring a freelancer and an employee.

The Benefits Of Hiring a Freelancer

For starters, since a freelancer is not an official employee you don’t have to cover the taxes, provide health insurance and other employee benefits.
You also save on furniture, equipment and office rent.
And if you need a specific skill-set, you can the perfect fit because you have the choice from all around the world.

The Benefits Of Office Workers

Now that you know all the benefits of hiring a freelancer, you might be asking: “Why should I hire employees?”
Depending on the type of your business, you will still need someone to help you run the business, e.g. an administrative assistant, accountants, sales people and a couple of managers of different levels.
I.e. you need a team to help with on-going tasks.
Hiring an employee also means that you can tailor them according to the needs of your business. By providing adequate training, you help employees become better professionals and in a long term perspective, get a manager who one day will help you to manage the company better.

Why Should you Use a Time Tracking Tool?

The working days of most employees pass by the computer, which at the same time is one of the greatest inventions and one the biggest distractions.
With the Internet pervasiveness at every workplace, employees tend to get more distracted and spend more time unproductively.
One of the easy ways of solving this issue is using a time tracking tool.

How to Maintain the Productivity of Employees and Freelancers Using a Time Tracking Software

Implementing a time tracking software within your company gives a number of benefits like:

  • accurate data about employee’s working time;
  • precise analysis of Internet use and its productivity status;
  • a clue to your company’s productivity patterns.

When you have accurate visual data at your site, it is much easier to understand what interferes the productivity of employees, how it changes during the day/week. So, you can undertake right actions to eliminate the productivity collapses and increase it.
Besides, employees can take part by analyzing their personal reports and increase productivity at their workplace.

What About Freelancers?

If you have a freelancer working with you on a long-term basis, offer using a time tracking tool, like Yaware.TimeTracker.
This tool enables you to monitor the performance and productivity of your freelancer, and also gives an opportunity to your remote worker take part in working more efficiently.
Time tracking should be essential for freelancers because working from home is often quite distracting. And time tracking helps to keep track of working time and monitor personal productivity.


Whichever workforce you have more, productivity is the most important thing. Time tracking tool nowadays is the simplest way to maintain it both for employers and their workers, because it gives accurate data for analysis.

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