The success of your organization owes mostly to your employees – it’s people who make everything. Employee time tracking and management software allows to prevent one of the major problems faced by employees – job burnouts. A research conducted in the UK demonstrated that 80% of the questioned HR managers have been expecting job burnouts of their most valuable employees.

Why are job burnouts so harmful?

Job burnout is closely connected with stress. It occurs when an employee understands he/she can no longer endure his/her work because of an intense feeling of exhaustion – both physical and intellectual. He/she also experiences doubts about his/her abilities to perform the job and lacks motivation to continue working.
Such state of affairs is mostly unwelcome at any company. So one of your tasks as an employer is to track working time of your staff in order to find out who is on the brink of burnout and prevent it. Employee time tracking and management software might be a key to the solution.

How can employee time tracking and management software help prevent burnouts?

Yaware.TimeTracker is an automatic time tracking software developed to monitor productivity in your company. It will assist you in the following ways:

  • you can track the precise duration of the working day;
  • you can check who is working late hours and who is leaving earlier than he/she should;
  • you can check if the workers are overloaded with tasks while others are wasting their time on idle activities and distribute the job responsibilities on fairer grounds;
  • you can define which areas employees need additional training and help them acquire it (for instance, by organizing professional courses);
  • reports, organized into comprehensible charts allow you to immediately notice if productivity is reducing. A timely conversation with the employee helps in finding out the reasons why it happens.

Report by group activity
So you already know why job burnouts can harm your workers in particular and your company at large. With employee time tracking and management software it’s possible to know precisely how your employees are doing and help them to remain mentally and physically fit.

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