Employee time tracking is legal

Employee time tracking is perfectly legal when it comes to tracking time and attendance. This means you can track the time spent on particular work, define if there are too many unproductive sites which distract staff from work as well as track the attendance.
These are the 3 cases when both managers or business owners and employees can feel comfortable about tracking the time. The company data is protected and employees privacy is not violated because only their work is tracked, not private data (not emails or messages).

What does the law have to say?

There is a number of laws in US, Canada and Europe which you must consider to make everything in the right way. For example, in US you can turn to Electronic Communications Privacy Act, in Canada – to Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and in Europe – to European Convention on Human Rights and Data Protection Directive.
Apparently, you should study the laws depending on your location to make sure what rules you’ve got to comply with.

Company policy towards tracking time

Next thing you’d like to do is make sure that your staff knows about the idea of tracking their time. The best way to implement time tracking is just by letting them know beforehand and creating an appropriate company policy. This shouldn’t be a complicated act which no one is going to understand but a short list of what time tracking will be about. Simple actions and reasonable rules will help everyone work better and the company’s resources will be used rationally.

Few other benefits of employee time tracking

Time tracking is a handy tool for increasing productivity which can make your team achieve more. Among its other benefits also are:

  • securing corporate data;
  • employees privacy protection (their private data is not tracked);
  • accurate and insightful feedback on everyone’s performance;
  • increased productivity.

If the laws are complied with and you talked to your employees beforehand there should be no reason why your business can’t benefit from the employee time tracking. Precisely measuring time and productivity is going to help you manage your resources better and grow your company faster.

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