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Why is attendance so important for any business? First of all, it has a major impact on work ethics. Attendance directly influences employees’ productivity, attitudes and workplace behaviour. This is not to mention that timely attendance is crucial to daily operations, customer satisfaction and the workflow that won’t be interrupted and slowed down.

Moreover, if attendance system in the company is automated, everyone has more time for real work. A great deal of organizational resources is saved and can be used alternatively.

As a business owner or manager who is always seeking for ways to grow your business, you would like to see a workplace with strong work ethics and high productivity. Here’s where the time and attendance software goes to work.

Measure attendance automatically

Why would anyone still bother with manual checks when the same can be done tenfold faster and easier? Yaware.TimeTracker time and attendance software is a great alternative to mountains of paper sheets. Here are just a few benefits of automatic attendance tracking:

  • reduced costs because no more manual checks are needed and time and attendance software itself requires no specific maintenance;
  • paperless workplace. Time and attendance software is often web-based (e.g., Yaware.TimeTracker is) which means all stats are stored online and can be accessed from anywhere;
  • improved workflow and higher productivity. Timely attendance means the daily plans are met, the customers received the answers they were waiting for and everyone on the team didn’t work overtime.
  • Calculate salaries easily

    When everything is accurately recorded, it’s easy to process payroll with no delays. Moreover, you can finally forget about errors because of manual data entry. So if you want your payroll system be error-free, timely and easy to maintain time and attendance software is a good option to consider.

    Time and attendance software helps you reward your staff

    If you consistently reward your staff for timely attendance (which is important to high performance), everyone feels motivated to follow corporate rules. If attendance is followed, a well-functioning workplace is certain to evolve. Timely employees are also more likely to provide great results in the rest of their work as they treat it in the same responsible manner.

    Time and attendance software like Yaware.TimeTracker is a handy tool to improve attendance in your company. Making your company into a thriving business and bridging productivity gaps with this app is easy as a breeze.

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