Can employees become the strongest advocates of tracking their work time? Absolutely, if the approach is right. In fact, employee time tracking is a valuable idea for every business to consider. Better planning, increased productivity and successful performance even on a limited budget are just a few benefits your company can get.
In order not to end up with nothing but lost opportunities, there are several things any business can consider to make the most of employee time tracking right from the start.

Barriers to overcome

Although it’s really easy to start measuring the time automatically, companies often doubt about things like:

  • cultural issues;
  • employees objections;
  • how the stats will be used and what questions should be answered with them;
  • technical issues (the software you’re going to use).

An easy way to find a win-win solution

However, these barriers can be successfully overcome if 3 really simple actions are done:

  1. you planned everything about employee time tracking beforehand;
  2. you communicated this to your employees, discussed everything with your team and took their suggestions into account;
  3. your goal is to optimize your business for productivity.

Once you managed to follow these simple steps you can quickly improve the way the work is being done on a team.

Make your resources visible

With the time tracking software it’s easy to figure out how resources are distributed. Moreover, time and productivity (which are often hard to evaluate) can now be accurately measured. This way it’s easy to find out what the team is working on and whether it’s aimed at achieving strategic goals of your business.
There’s also another way you can use the stats time tracking provides you with. It’s a good point to analyze productivity trends in your company: what slows down performance, what is the best pace for work, what is the ratio of productive/unproductive time and much more.

Employee time tracking helps reach compliance and accountability

This can be especially important for nonprofits as they are subject to many regulations. So tracking the time of their employees could be a good way to attract new donations by making their performance and reporting even more transparent.
But of course any business can use the time tracking data to help their teams achieve more by giving them access to the real-time data on their performance. So this is an opportunity to make sure that everyone can reach goals faster and that these goals are aligned with real capabilities.
Employee time tracking is a reliable tool to have a clear vision on measuring the progress and identifying bottlenecks in which case your business can grow faster.

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