It is hard to imagine the world without marketing. Moreover, it is impossible to imagine the success of any brand without marketing. Every company wants to increase their brand awareness, rankings and traffic to become more successful and profitable.
Managers puzzle over the new methods that could attract new customers and help outrun competitors. In that rush, managers often forget that it is possible to improve overall marketing by improving employees’ performance. And time tracking software plays an important role here.

Which problems do marketing teams face?

A good marketing team consists of people with creative and analytical constitution of mind. The duty of analysts is to plan, and creative people have to create unique, interesting and useful content.
Analysts often find it easier to stay focused on their job, while creative people depend on their mood, inspiration, time of work.
Another problem that marketers face is that it is easy to get lost in time. For, example when you are writing an article, it is easy get absorbed by writing and not notice that you spend 5 hours writing, instead of two.

Which problems can time tracking software help to resolve?

Detect unutilized software

Nowadays marketing is all about automation. There is a huge number of different tools and apps that are aimed to automate and streamline the marketing process.
Marketing teams use a certain set of marketing tools on a daily basis, which means that the rest remains unutilized. Because most services are offered on a basis of paid subscription, unutilized software costs you in lost money.
With time tracking software you can easily see which tools and services employees use the most, and what stays unused.

Improve time management and planning skills

The most important thing that a time tracking software gives to marketers is better time management and planning skills.
The reports allow to detect the exact time, that every marketing activity consumes. This knowledge allows to make decisions on things that could be done to execute tasks faster, better or with less effort.
Knowing the exact time distribution team members also can plan their everyday work better, so no one stays overloaded or underutilized.

Increase productivity

With better time management and planning skills, employees become in charge of their life. Being able to control the work means to be able to control life too. This results in better work-life balance, less stress, and so increased happiness and productivity.
These are just some of the things that a time tracking software could do for your marketing strategy and team. Start tracking time right now and share the benefits that you experience in the comments below.

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