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Every business owner is committed to the successful development of the company and its financial well-being. But on the way to success there are some obstacles that happen.
If projects don’t meet the deadlines, employee morale is poor and the productivity of your business wishes well, then you need a time keeping software.
But how will employees take the news of implementing a monitoring tool? This innovation can lead to resentment, resistance, and even to a chain of dismissals. What to do?

How to implement a time keeping software?

First of all, explain to employees why you decided to install a time tracker. It’s important that employees understand that you want to rearrange the workflow in order to achieve a better result and accordingly, increase company’s revenue.
In addition, make sure to do the following:

  • let employees know beforehand – don’t keep the news about implementing in secret;
  • explain everything about monitoring – explain how the software works, what data it collects and answer any questions that employees might have;
  • explain the benefits for employees – dispel all myths about time tracking and explain the advantages of using such tool.

Dispelling the myths and explaining the benefits is vital. You want to have employees on the same page with you, don’t you?

10 benefits of time keeping software for employees

1. The prospect of earning more

The software shows how productive each employee is, counts total worked hours, helps identify the best employees. So, establish a system of bonuses, like for working after hours. And explain that the time keeping software will help determine and award employees who stay late doing the work.
Additionally, the time tracker allows to see if employees stay late to work, or just surf the web.

2. The prospect of getting a promotion

By tracking time, you get to see who are your most and least productive employees. Get to know the high performers better, test them and see if they should get a promotion.

3. Reduction of mistakes

Explain that a time keeping software enables employees to concentrate on work stuff while the software does its job in the background. They don’t have to distract to log in the time. This way they will make fewer mistakes and increase focus.

4. Workload optimization

Every company has employees who are overloaded with duties. So, make them happy with the fact that with the help of the time tracker you will be able to determine how busy each employee is and correctly redistribute tasks.

5. The possibility of having a flexible schedule

Enable full day monitoring and set the rate of hours that have to be spent at work, and let employee choose the time when they feel most productive. The software will capture the total worked time, start and stop time, regardless when the employee gets to work.

6. Fair evaluation

Time tracking makes everybody even. It shows great work as well as shows imperfections. So, hard working employees get their appreciation and the ones who underperform get attention of the manager.

7. Resolution of disputes

No matter how hard you try to avoid conflicts and disputes at work, they still occur. Time tracking here allows to resolve any disputes about the time or days worked. Because you have historical data, you can easily check if the paycheck has been calculated correctly or if the employee is fairly accused of being late all the time.

8. Fighting procrastination

Explain to employees that time tracking software can help figure out where the time goes and how to use it more productively. Thus, they will not have to stay late in the office and will be able to meet the deadlines.

9. Increased productivity

Time tracking enables employees to increase their productivity. They can check their working time statistics, and, accordingly, change their usual schedule to achieve better results.

10. Self-control and improved time management

Explain to employees that time tracking can help develop self-control and manage time better. Being aware of the problem is halfway to solving it. Employees can learn to fight temptations and distractions, like social media. Time management and self-control are important skills that help succeed not only at work but also in personal matters.
Now you know how you can implement a time keeping software painlessly, and know exactly what to say to employees if they have any questions.

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