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When you look at most businesses, you’ll quickly notice that they’re always trying to exploit every possibility to cut costs. While they may go through every single aspect of their work, they often end up missing a simple area that can save them big – time and attendance tracking.
Just a few decades ago managers used to do whichever time and attendance tracking manually, i.e. just asked employees to fill in timesheets. Needless to say, that was too time-consuming and inaccurate to provide the data on time and productivity that could be really insightful and actionable.
Thankfully, now you have a handy alternative. Automatic time tracking apps like Yaware.TimeTracker not only help you cut costs but also boost profits and employee productivity.

Easy and precise payroll processing

Simply put, tracking time and attendance helps to make payroll calculations fair and concise both for the employees and the company. It’s quite hard to argue that any business can thrive if it’s overpaying or underpaying its employees.
Time and attendance tracking helps you get payroll calculations, overtime and flexitime under control. Now that both you and your staff understand the full value of the time and the expense involved, it’s easier to stay profitable in terms of time and money.

Automatic time and attendance tracking simplifies work for your team

Here’re the benefits time and attendance tracking delivers to everyone on a team.
First, your staff don’t have to remember about pushing start and stop. A time and attendance tracking app automatically records start/end of the working day.
Second, managers have accurate stats on their team’s time and attendance. Now it’s way easier for them to figure out how they can enhance employees’ performance, increase customer satisfaction and retention and boost profits. How exactly? Just because they will now know what holds them back and which inefficiencies they can eliminate.
Third, you don’t have to employ more technicians or IT staff to maintain your time and attendance tracking system. For example, the app such as Yaware.TimeTracker is automatic and web-based. In which case, you don’t have to bother yourself with the system’s upgrades and data storage.


Time and attendance tracking is definitely one of those tools that can provide your business with a cutting edge necessary to level up performance and drive higher value to your team’s performance.

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