Creating handy, easy to navigate apps for almost any activity is now among the major trends of software developing. Work, being one of the most important parts of our lives, couldn’t be left outside this trend, so managers can now sigh with relief and start searching for the best option quickly.

The reasons for tracking work time are already well known, so now it’s high time to check out what qualities the best time tracking app should possess.

What Features Has the Best Time Tracking App to Provide?

Here’s the list of the absolutely necessary properties without which this app can be comparable to a cell phone which doesn’t ring when there’s an incoming call.

    1. Plain user interface which won’t require specific computer skills or specially trained staff to manage it.
    2. Automatic collection of data on productivity (number of worked hours, late arrivals, early leavings, duration of breaks, offline activities, etc.) to give a complex overview how the time is distributed in the organization.
    3. Automatic collection of data on application use – all programs and websites employees work with as well as duration of using them.
    4. Offline activities monitoring ( a feedback on where employees were when not at the workplace).
    5. Conversion of collected data into comprehensible, easily analyzed formats (graphs, diagrams and the like) to save time on its processing.
    6. Employees’ access to statistics for greater transparency and involvement (seeing one’s own results is sometimes a better motivator than constant reminding of what still has to be done).
    7. Flexible settings (especially handy when it comes to monitoring employees with different work schedules, both fixed and flexible, or the ones which work remotely, or freelancers).
    8. Absence monitoring with webcam snapshots and current activity monitoring with screenshots of employees’ computers.

So these are the features that make the best time tracking app work really well and provide you with precise and timely data you need to help your staff achieve great results. Make sure you keep them all in mind when making a final decision.

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