Use of a screen monitoring software has a number of ethical questions and always leads to heated discussions.
On one hand, employers have a full value right to ensure that the staff uses its billable time in the most efficient manner and that the equipment given to them is used properly. Besides, the law does not prohibit the use of monitoring software, as long as employees are being informed about it.
On the other hand using such software you risk to create an atmosphere of a” Big Brother”. Employees become more stressed out at work because of the feeling that the boss is watching them. They don’t trust their employers anymore, they lose motivation, etc.
So, is there a golden middle with this? We say, there is.

Why do companies decide to use a screen monitoring software?

Contrary popular beliefs, business owners decide to use this utility just to keep an eye on employees’ performance. It does not mean that the manager will sit there all day going through each screenshot looking for information.
Just think of that! That would take the whole working day, which means that the manager either will not work or will have to work at night. Nobody does that.

How far can you go with screen monitoring?

Is possible for the screenshot monitoring software to invade employee privacy less?
Yes. There are a couple of great methods.
1) Encourage employees to use the corporate computer for its purpose
Employees are at work, which means that they are supposed to use their time productively and set all distractions aside.
But let’s be honest and admit that being 100% focused at work is impossible. Simply because employees have to get away from their workplaces and discuss work-related issues with their co-workers. They also need breaks and casual chatter to unwind.
As well as sometimes employees want to use the corporate computer for personal purposes. And if they need to do that, ask to use their personal gadgets. Or use a screen monitoring software that allows stops and pauses like Yaware.TimeTracker. So, if employees needed to use the computer for personal purposes, they could stop the monitoring, and no screenshots would be taken.
2) Be honest about the fact that you’re going to use a monitoring software
Honesty is always the best option. So, explain when you are going to start using the software, what you’re going to do with the data and how often you are going to check it.
Just being aware of the monitoring, employees will naturally eliminate their distractions and increase focus.
3) Talk about the benefits of using the software
Communication is the key when you are going to implement a piece of software that is quite controversial.
So if you want employees to be on the same page with you then explain them the benefits like higher productivity, improved discipline and user protection.


In the end, if you learn a bit more about the screen monitoring software, use it the right way, talk to your employees the implementation will go a lot more smoothly, and the use will bring benefit.

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