Employee time tracking

One can hardly argue that keeping track of all business processes is crucial for every company. Why? Because one expects business to grow after investing a certain amount of funds, labor, skills, etc.

Is it possible to remain competitive in the long run and reduce labor costs without firing some employees and overloading others? The answer is “yes”, it is, and one of the best ways is through increased productivity. In turn, one possible way to increase productivity is to automate its estimation, e.g. with employee time tracking software.

Its major benefit is not just seeing how much time is spent on what. This is a great opportunity to have a long-term insight into how your team is performing and what can be done to help everyone carry on even better.

How Employee Time Tracking Increases ROI of your blog

Employee time tracking works well for plenty of activities. Let’s think about measuring ROI of your blog. Since without decent blog your business cannot count on a great online performance and customers’ engagement you just have to know how much of your resources it takes.

Despite blogging demands much effort which cannot be precisely calculated, some metrics on estimating it are still necessary. Tracking time could be the best metric in this case.

First of all, it shows how much time your marketing activities take. In which case you are able to figure out how you can optimize that time, that is do everything faster and with less time and effort.

Second of all, it shows how much time each phase of marketing activity takes. This way you can see why you fail to perform some tasks in time and align interim goals to your real capabilities. Moreover, this is a great way of analyzing different projects to avoid the same mistakes for the next ones.

Third of all, it helps set realistic deadlines and so your marketing plans can indeed be reached (which means satisfied customers, timely payments and a spirit of achievement across your team).

Fourth, tracking time on blogging prevents creative fatigue and helps eliminate distractions. This way you can organize productive daily routine, define your core working hours and try to make the most of them.

Employee time tracking is also a good way to fairly reward everyone on the team and make sure their efforts won’t go unnoticed. In turn, this means increased ROI, as motivated and engaged staff is able to achieve excellent results.

Good for increasing personal productivity, too

Of course, ROI is achieved only if employees’ personal productivity is high. Time tracking is a good solution for boosting performance by every team member. A bit of insightful and objective feedback on one’s results will never hurt. On the contrary, it could help fill in productivity gaps, manage time better and increase overall productivity.

To sum it all up, employee time tracking could be equally beneficial for businesses of all sizes, freelancers and employees. Reduced costs, objective data on performance, better work organization, greater employees’ involvement – all of this could be achieved with a single solution and in a long term.

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