Tracking time and productivity of employees at creative agencies can be very easy if the right tools and techniques are used. You don’t ask your staff to manually fill in the paper forms. They want to work on their tasks, have time to think and re-think and come up with brilliant ideas. Although sometimes it’s hard to help employees at creative agencies organize their day productively (as they need more flexibility), you need to make things easier for them all the same.

A handy alternative: online employee time tracking

As obvious as this may sound, creative agencies (like any other business) need accurate feedback on the progress if they are to succeed. How can you evaluate the ROI of ideas your creative staff came up with? One possible (and insightful) way is to track the time spent on all that brainstorming.
Online employee time tracking is a great solution for several reasons. First of all, measuring the time accurately without overwhelming staff with boring checks is important. Second of all, if you need a more data-driven approach to evaluating progress of your creative agency, below are some handy suggestions on how to make the most of online employee time tracking for your business.

Discuss it with your team first

Having precise stats on performance never hurts. Part of your strategy should be letting the team see the benefits of tracking their time and discuss everything with them beforehand. This is a valuable feedback on the way they work rather than just columns of numbers of worked hours.
More often than not, all the fuss about employee time tracking is just not worth it. It can be done automatically so nobody is going to bother much with it. They can check out the stats whenever they need and take them as a bit of a self-nudge to speed things up.

Figure out what you need to learn

The data online employee time tracking provides is diverse. It gives a profound insight into how the work is being done on a team. Part of your strategy should be defining what questions you seek to find answers to. Think about what is important for you to analyze and then look at the stats. When the questions are figured out, all the rest will come on its own.

Help your team foster creativity

For creative people time flies and they may not even notice it. To prevent creative fatigue you have to track their time. This way the employees can figure out their most productive hours and assign tasks accordingly.
These are just several examples of how you can make the most of online employee time tracking tool for your creative agency. It can give you everything you need to know to be organized, in control and to get things done.

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