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Web designers are creative people, right? And creative people might get lost in time pretty easily. Automatic time tracking software is one of the best options for web designers to handle time and productivity.
Specifically, here are the benefits of time tracking that any web design departments get:

1) Better insight of how they use time throughout the day

An automatic time tracking software like Yaware.TimeTracker can do much more than just pen and paper or an Excel spreadsheet. Using them employees have to remember to write down the time they start and finish every task to see the waste.
Unlike them, automatic time tracking app silently runs in the background while employees are working. They can easily track all the computer activities and time spent offline (meetings, client calls, breaks)
So, if there’s any wasted time in their daily schedule it will be in the report.

2) Find out the true cost of their work

Time tracking helps to learn how much time typical and specific activities take. First of all, those numbers will make it much easier when calculating an estimate for clients’ projects.
Keeping track of team’s time helps to see if there’s a risk of delay in the completion of the project.

3) Learn to Change

Taking control over team’s time means taking control over its workflow in general.
With an automatic time tracking software team members can measure the time they spend on tasks and see if they can do a certain activity faster. E.g. using some tools that could make it easier or learn new techniques.
Learning gives the opportunity to see the current activities in a different light. Employees might find out that the way they do something is outdated or less efficient than possible. .
With time tracking, the team might also find out that they’ve taken too many clients, and it is the reason they don’t have the time and capacity to finish everything on time.


Using an automatic time tracking software is a simple and efficient way to improve time management skills for teams within the company. As well as increase and maintain productivity at the workplace.

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