In the digital era when businesses move from offline to online, SEO becomes extremely important. Good SEO helps to be found online, and so to be popular and profitable. That’s why daily the labour demand on SEO professionals increases.
Right now you might be thinking, what does time tracking software has to do with SEO?
SEO has become a full value business, and like any business it requires employees.

What problems do SEO teams face?

1) Remote locations

To improve customer’s brand/business awareness, team members don’t necessarily have to be in the same room, building, state, country or continent. Because freelancing is huge, many SEO teams consist of people who might have only seen each other via Skype.
This way appears the problem of monitoring team’s work and getting everybody to be on the same page.

2) Client transparency

One of the hardest problems that SEO teams face is that customers almost always equate the result of the team by ranking. Team members do not get credit for the fundamental work that they do that prerequisite rankings.
This happens because customers don’t “see” the work.

3) Adequate billing

If you bill by the hour, the last thing you want to do is to spend the valuable time of your copywriters, admins billing and invoicing.

How can time tracking software help resolve those problems?

1) Benefit the cloud-based system

A cloud-based time tracking software enables you to monitor the work of team member who are thousand miles away from you.
You can significantly reduce stress that virtual organisations face, because of delay or complete lack of communication. With time tracker, you get to know which team members are at work and what exactly they are doing at the moment.

2) Give your clients accurate reports

To let your customers “see” the work and fully appreciate what you do for them, provide a stream of live documentation.
By using a time tracking software that takes screenshots, tracks projects and estimates productivity you create that stream. So, even on the distance, you let your customers look over your shoulder and stay aware of what you did.

3) Bill properly with no hassle

If you adopt automatic time tracking, you will make it a part of your processes instead of making it a “to-do” thing.
You can then easily invoice at the end of the week/month, spend less time and effort, and save employees time.

In addition…

Except for all the benefits mentioned above, time tracking software enables team members to increase their productivity by becoming more aware of how their time is distributed. Staying on track is important if team members work from home because it helps to stay focused on work.

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