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Companies of all sizes strive to make their employees feel appreciated for their daily efforts. Indeed, no one is going to argue that employees who get recognition and reward they deserve tend to perform better.
But how can you make sure you know how everyone on a team’s performing? It’s important to show everyone their efforts won’t go unnoticed. It’s equally important that you reward your team so they stay motivated to achieve more.
You will definitely need some help along the way. Tools such as a time tracker app will be very useful. Here’re 3 steps to reaching higher employee productivity and fairly rewarding it.

Apply a time tracker app

The best way to reward your staff is to establish equal rules and policies right from the start. Tracking time with Yaware.TimeTracker is a great way to help your team set a productive mindset. By accurately measuring time spent on different activities, it provides you with a deep insight into your team’s productivity patterns.
The app will also help you eliminate distractions and unutilized software, improve time management and optimize your time for productivity.

See how everyone’s performing

Once you use the time tracker app, both you and your team have a clear understanding of the value of time. You can see how everyone’s progressing, are the usual activities really worth the time spent on them and what you can do to improve. You can also easily compare time and productivity of everyone on the team, see what helps them work smarter and what holds them back and use the data to better plan and schedule.
You can also easily share the stats with your team so you can discuss the ways to improve your business together.

Reward your team’s efforts

Now that you’ve got precise stats on performance, you can easily reward your best performing staff and help everyone achieve more. There are plenty of effective methods to do this, from a timely appraisal to career promotion.
It’s not just the data from the time tracker app that can positively change your business. It’s the way you exploit those stats and the right attitude to rewarding your staff that can make a positive difference to your team and business.

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