web-based time tracking

Time tracking provide a valuable utility to any business. Having accurate stats on your team’s time and productivity is a solid proof of your current and future business opportunities.
Below are 4 ways to make a web-based time tracking app an effective tool to speed up your business growth.

Simplify work with web-based time tracking

A great way to make time tracking really work for you and your team is to do it automatically. Manual time keeping is not what you need because it won’t save you time but consume more of it.
On the contrary, automatic time tracking app like Yaware.TimeTracker is a good alternative. Such app won’t distract employees from work as they won’t have to fill in timesheets. In turn, you’ll get precise data on time and productivity which you can then analyze and decide how you can improve.
One more benefit web-based time tracking provides you with is that all stats are delivered into a single online account which you can access from everywhere and on any device.

Make sure everyone is in

If you decided to measure the time in your company, make sure it’s a policy for everyone – both employees and managers. This way you can get a really inclusive feedback on performance and make the rules transparent.
It will also motivate your employees. They would be glad to know the rules are the same for everyone.

Use the data to budget your time

Once you use web-based time tracking app, you can easily evaluate your business efficiency in terms of time. How long does every activity take? Are your efforts productive? How much time do distraction take away? How can you speed up employees’ performance?
The stats collected by web-based time tracking app are helpful in every important business area – from accurate and quick payroll calculation to delivering higher customer value.


If you make time tracking simple, define the same rules for everyone and clearly communicate the benefits to your team, it will definitely become a good habit and will positively influence everyone’s productivity.

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