Let’s face it – the news about the implementation of a time tracking app in the workplace (or rather, computer) hardly makes company employees happy, to say the least. At the first sight, it seems only natural, since the idea of being controlled at work all the time makes people uneasy. However, if you think it over carefully, there are two major reasons employees protest against a time tracker:
They’ve heard horror stories about all personal details, passwords, emails and everything they type being copied and stored by the software. Naturally, they are worried about the privacy.
They don’t like the idea of the “big brother” controlling everything they do all the time, like having someone stand behind their backs. Employees frequently fear that this control would mean that every small mistake will be noticed and the punishment will follow.
For the employees from the 1st category, a mere demonstration and explanation of the software work principles will be enough to dispel their fears. As to the 2nd group – well, it can be a good test to detect employees who might need help with their professional skills, so that they felt more confident. In addition, a time tracking app is an effective means of improving staff time management. They will have access to the personal stats and see better which activities take up too much time, which is the first step of work optimization.
Now, let’s show the employees that a time tracker program is not a threat but can be beneficial for their careers.
First of all, it’s important to mention that a time tracking tool like Yaware.TimeTracker is created with employees in mind. It doesn’t gather any keyboard information, simply records the time work has been started and finished and resources used (websites, software programs etc). Therefore, it can become a helper for diligent employees who deserve to be promoted and rewarded.

Benefits of a time tracking app for employees

    • Chance to optimize workload and work more effectively

Undoubtedly, everyone has faced the problem of planning much for a day and then failing to perform everything. A time tracking software records each activity or break throughout the day and therefore lets an employee pinpoint the reason of the poor performance, the most common being:

      • inadequate timing
      • too many time-consuming tasks for one day
      • frequent distractions (coworkers’ requests, personal phone calls etc.)


    • Flexible schedule and remote work – now reality

Most top managers are reluctant about their staff members working distantly or having flexible schedules. No wonder, since it’s next to impossible to control how much they actually work. However, the introduction of a time tracker changes things completely. It allows to accurately track every minute of the time worked, no matter where the employee is (since the app can be installed on a distant computer as well). A person in charge can then access the data via the Internet anytime, so everyone’s happy.

    • Fair rewards

This will be especially beneficial for employees frequently working overtime with no change in their salary. Now, by indicating their objective work stats to the management, they can get paid for working more (provided they can produce the result, too).
This is also the way to introduce hourly pay for some team members, if applicable. It can be an extra motivation for employees and also the means of efficient spendings for the company.

    • Better promotion opportunities

With personal work stats at hand, each employee gets a chance to provide objective grounds for being promoted. Along with the reports on the time worked, late attendance and overtimes (which a boss can easily obtain with a few mouse clicks) plus good productivity rate, it makes the promotion request hard to decline.


Well, now a time tracking app looks much more attractive for any employee, doesn’t it? You can see it in action for your staff for absolutely free after a short registration, so go ahead!

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