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Modern offices are full of distractions. Still, most managers say that it`s ok if employees spend around 10% of working time distracted. But everything that exceeds this limit leads to a decrease in productivity.
In order to maintain employee productivity and teach them how to deal with distractions, managers use employee time tracking software.

What distracts office workers without employee time tracking?

1. Internet

Internet is a mighty tool for business, but it is also a reason for businesses` lost profits. Nearly 60 per cent of distractions at work are caused by Internet.

2. Chatting

Probably every employee believes that they can chat and work at the same time. But constant chatting keeps an employee in awareness for new messages which negatively impacts productivity.

3. E-mail

Yes, e-mail can be distracting. Firstly because of the constant awareness for new messages. Secondly, if the mailbox is piled up, it`s gonna take a lot of time to find a particular email.

4. Cell phones

Except for incoming and outgoing personal calls, the biggest distraction is free Wi-Fi at the office. Surfing the web on the cell phone is great because you can easily hide it from curious eyes.

5. Music

A lot of office workers bring headphones to work, and a lot of them think that it actually helps to avoid distractions like noise from office equipment, co-workers` conversations etc. But it works vice versa. It can take 30 min to build a playlist before actual beginning the workday.
Tip: Music can be a distraction if you listen to a song with lyrics. If you want to listen to the music at work, try classical music or something with no lyrics.

6. An overwhelming To-Do list

A long to-do list could become a main distraction of the day. Employees can then procrastinate on tasks which in turn lowers their productivity further.

7. Coffee breaks

It`s clear that employees are not table-chair junkies. But tea and coffee breaks at cafeterias are responsible for not letting them do their work. People spend a lot of time while taking these breaks and turn an occasional coffee break into a long tete-a-tete.

8. Play zones

Great way to let office workers do some activities and rest from the computer. But very often employees are taking advantage of this privilege and spend hours idling.

9. Talkative co-workers

They are not only people who distract everybody else with loud conversations, but also those who when seeinghearing something funny or interesting have to share it with everybody immediately.

10. Employees themselves

Last but not the least, employees are a distraction unto themselves. Whenever they get a bit bored, they find means to do one of the things mentioned above.

Employee time tracking = less distractions

If you own a company with a big number of employees, then employee time tracking will help you to increase overall control in the company as well as the employees` self-discipline.
It allows to monitor any office computer for different parameters: you can track activities such as websites they visited, the programs used, length of time spent at each site, and when they start and finish work.
Additionally, employees get to view daily/weekly reports on activities and come to know their strengths and weaknesses, all together contributing to their becoming better employees and increasing productivity.

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