It is very important to track how employees spend their time, especially ones that work remotely. Some may say that by using employee time tracking software, you show your employees that you don`t trust them. But in practice, tracking employee time really helps people become more productive.

Friend or foe?

The majority of employees would definitely say – foe. But let`s not make hasty decisions and examine the reasons why employers start using employee time tracking software, and how staffers can benefit from it.

1. Employers want to pay attention to how employees are working

Employee time tracking software keeps track of everything employees do on company computers. Such programs can perform “strict ” time tracking, by monitoring keystrokes and preventing downloads of certain files. Other programs are more loyal, and simply track hours worked or time spent on projects.
The primary reason here – employers want to know that the team don`t waste the time they`re paid for and finish the work on time.
Employees get an undoubtable benefit. First, they get a chance to track their own time and see the gaps. Sometimes an employee may not suspect how much time he/she is wasting during the day. Secondly, they get a way to proof that they`re not wasting the billable time.

2. Employee time tracking software allows to keep an eye on employees, even when you can't see them

Nothing can be more frustrating than seeing an employee seemingly working hard, but they’re actually just updating their social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Managers can`t spend all of their time hovering over an employee`s shoulder in order to make sure that he/she is not distracted too much. Time tracking tools allow a remote and instant boost to productivity and is probably the best in this case.
As an added benefit, some time tracking tools offer automatic time tracking, so employees won’t have to manually punch in and out since it is already being done for them.

3. Keeping tabs on telecommuters

The performance of telecommuters is a major concern for most employers. Plus, it can be very difficult to keep track of worked hours for contract workers themselves.
The perfect way to get around this problem is to start using time tracking software. Thus, telecommuters can be billed by hour, instead of having a flat fee, get a chance to manage projects and time better.
Employers can be sure that telecommuters don`t misuse the Internet on company hours, keep their performance under control and can determine any problems in a timely manner.


Employee time tracking software is exploding in the online business marketplace.It makes employees more productive, saves money and keeps the most accurate time spent on work when compared to employees rushing to fill in their time sheets so they can go home. A friend for sure.

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