Easy time tracking software

The problem of time tracking is that it worries a lot of employers. Some cope with it in the “old-fashioned” way – using timesheets and strict personal supervision, others are looking for an easy time tracking solution that will help automate the process.

Modern time tracking systems vary with functions and approaches to monitoring. Optionally, the employer can choose a solution that controls every step of the employee or choose a loyal, user-friendly monitoring system that will not affect the motivation and performance of employees.

So what does an easy time tracking software looks like?

1. A reasonable number of features

Trying to overtake competitors, companies often lose their way and bloat their time tracking software with unnecessary reports, functions, etc.

It turns out that you`re paying for features that you don`t use. Excessive features also make the use of the application difficult.

2. Simple and fast installation

The installation of an easy time tracking software solution shouldn`t take longer than 15-20 minutes.
However, customization might take an hour or two. It depends on the number of employees. It`s quite difficult to make the customization process shorter. It`s a very important step, and you should take your time with it.

3. Simple and pleasing interface

The best interface designs are invisible, they do not contain unnecessary elements. Everything about the interface has to provide quick and simple navigation through the app.

The interface also has to be unique. Have you noticed that every app and even every website is trying to create a unique design. Nice colors, interesting patterns etc., that`s what makes the product memorable and recognizable.

That`s it! Only 3 things that you should pay attention to when choosing an easy time tracking software solution for your company.

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