Opportunities from employee time management

The importance and use of employee time management analysis and improvement is irrefutable. It helps your company to identify the trends and opportunities.
Trends are how your company and employees in particular currently manage time. The opportunities are the benefits that you can get from employee time management improvement.

What is the best way to identify trends?

Because we use computers in our daily work, the easiest and most accurate way to identify trends is to use an automated time tracking software.E.g., Yaware.TimeTracker allows to track time spent at the computer and away from it (phone calls. meetings, lunches, etc.). Using the reports that the system generates it is easy to define:

  • how much time employees spend executing a typical task;
  • what are their common distractions;
  • how often and what types of meetings your company holds;

So, now you know the trends, and ready to work on them. And here are the opportunities you’re going to receive in the end.

What are the benefits of improving employee time management?

Better performance on typical tasks

Let’s consider an example:
Bill, Sally and Tom are marketers. They are equally professional but it takes different amount of time for each to write an article. Bill spends 1 hour writing, Sally – 2 hours, and Tom takes the longest – 3 hours. How to use this information to improve their performance?
Compare the output of each employee. Which article is more insightful, gets more clicks and shares in social media. You found out that the audience like Sally’s articles more. From here you can take 2 hours as an average time needed to create an article.
Maybe Bill spends not enough time researching the material for the article and Tom packs his article with an excessive amount of information.
Using this example, you can determine the real time needed to execute typical tasks and let employees who do it the best teach their co-workers.

Minimized distractions that are kept under control

Knowing what distracts employees is half way to increasing their productivity.
Needless to say, we have to distract from time to unwind. But the problem here is that employees often do not suspect how much time they lose. It might seem to them that they spend only 10 minutes on Facebook while it’s actually been 30 minutes.
That’s why, when choosing a time tracking software to identify trends, look for a one that provides reports to employees. This way they can determine time eaters and keep them under control by themselves.

The right number of meetings with the right agenda

It is very easy to turn a meeting into a productivity and time draining hole. You can do that simply by exceeding the time assigned to it, or inviting the wrong employees.
Employee time management helps to set the right amount of meetings, their duration and necessity.

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