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Does employee satisfaction matter for the productivity? A 100% yes! You see, people who are not satisfied with either their working conditions, paycheck, the job they do or the way that manager treats them will not give their best to achieve the goal/s.
That is why it is so important to have a proper office, rewards the skills fairly and tame the bad managers.
Not that you’ve done all that, employees seem to be happy. But what else could disrupt their happiness? Some people also think it is a time tracking program. But is it true?
Time tracking is shrouded with different myths and gossips. Often created by the office workers themselves. At some extent, those rumors are true, because sadly, there are companies who don’t know/understand how to use time tracking the right way.
So, we are here to tell you about the wrong and right ways of using a time tracking software, so you knew how to utilize its benefits and keep employees happy.

What happens if you use time tracking the wrong way?

  • use time tracking data as a punishment

One of the rumors that goes around the offices is that time tracking programs are made so employers could monitor every second of employees’ work and punish for every unproductive action.
You could probably count the number of employers who do that on the fingers of one hand.
Why you should never use time tracking as punishment: do you want employees to be stressed out and afraid of you? Not only you will not increase productivity, but most likely will reduce it.

  • prohibit the use of social media websites

Social media are known to be a distraction at the workplace. That is why companies decide to implement a time tracking program – Internet monitoring.
But little do employers know that social media is the new way of taking a break. And surveys show that employees who are allowed to use social media during the day actually feel more productive and satisfied with their work.
So, do not prohibit the use of social media. Use time tracking to keep it under control.

  • demand a 100% productive 8-hour working day

Can you stay productive during the working day? Meaning can you sit 8 hours straight at your computer doing just work-related activities?
To be fair, some people can work like that, but they are a minority. For the majority of people breaks and distractions are essential, because their brains need a restart. Otherwise, they will burn out quickly.
So, make it OK for employees to take breaks when they need it. Stress and fatigue are what you want employees to avoid.

What if you use a time tracking program to the benefit of employees and your company?

  • to optimize workload (no boredom and no burnout)

By tracking time not only you can determine how loaded employees are, but you can also learn their capacities.
Maybe the reason why some teams can make it by the deadline is because some employees are overloaded and the others have too much free time.
By tracking time you get to evaluate the workload and distribute it evenly, so there was no burnout and boredom.

  • to set flexible work schedule

We all have our prime and low time. While some feel the most productive in the morning and less productive by the noon, others feel the opposite way.
That is why setting a flexible schedule is an excellent way to increase the productivity of some or even all of your employees.
And now the time tracking program steps in. Using it you can keep track of time and attendance at ease. The program will automatically record the start and end of the day, as well as capture the working days.
You are happy, employees are happy! It’s a win-win!

  • allow work from home when necessary

Life happens. There might be a terrible rain, some family member got very sick or there’іs a huge snow storm, so the employee/s just can’t get to the office.
But they want and able to work from home. How do you keep track of their time? Use the time tracking system. Because it is cloud-based, you can install it on remote computers and so, monitoring their activities.
So, employees still do their job, working in a comfortable environment and also get money for it.
Isn’t that a benefit?

  • reward most productive employees and help those who lag behind

A time tracking software like Yaware.TimeTracker builds ratings of productive and unproductive employees.
What this gives you is the opportunity to see which employees could be promoted, help to go through a complicated project, etc. What this gives your employees is the opportunity to be noticed.
So, use the time tracking data to reward those who already do great, and find those who for some reason lag behind. Help them to become more productive: assign them to different types of tasks, send them to a conference or buy them training. In general, do your best to turn them from underperformers to the changemakers.

  • let employees see the stats of their working time

Choose the time tracking software that allows employees to the same data that you see. This way time tracking becomes fair and transparent.
Besides for that, employees get a chance to analyze their working hours? Are there any time eaters? What take longer that usual? Where does the time go?
Time tracking can tell.

In conclusion

So, employee satisfaction depends solely on how you decide to use the time tracking program. Remember, it is no longer a spy software or a tool of total control, but a helper of employee productivity.

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