Are you limiting the use of social because of the fear that employees will spend too much time on it and that it will decrease overall productivity? Well, facts say the opposite.
Besides you can easily keep the use of social media under control with the help of employee computer monitoring software.
But first, let’s take a look at four common myths that you probably believe and which make your company seriously miss out.

Myth #1 Social networking makes an average employee less productive

This is a common myth. However, employees who are allowed or even encouraged to tweet, like and share are more productive and feel happier about their work.
Using social media employees can faster find the information they need, learn new things and spread the work about the company they work in.

Myth #2 Recruitment via social media attracts poor-quality candidates

Why would an HR-manager need social media?
Well, the research from the Brighton School of Business Management showed that 94% of companies use or plan to use social media for recruitment. And most importantly 49% of employers saw the improvement in the quality of candidates.
Naturally, the number one social network for recruitment is LinkedIn. The HR-manager can get well acquainted with the candidate simply by looking at his/her profile and then decide if this person is worth interviewing.
Also, quality candidates can find you if you post your job offer on LinkedIn.

Myth #3 Socia media will never drive direct sales

What do people do when they find out about a new brand or product? They go online for more details!
What if we told you that in 2009, Dell made $3 million in sales from just one of its Twitter accounts?
Social media nowadays is the easiest, fastest and most efficient way to share company news, sales, giveaways, etc. It is also the fast way to reach out to prospects and answer consumers’ questions.
So, if your company does not have a social media account, think about how much you might be losing.

Myth #4 Social is not a beneficial tool in the work environment

Using social not only you can drive sales, but you can also increase the awareness of your brand and grow a fanbase online.
Thus, social media if used the right way can boost the efficiency of your marketing.
How can people read your blog, if they don’t even know that it exists?

How to keep the use of social networks under control with employee computer monitoring software?

Along with all the benefits, social networks are not the only place for work. There are other important activities.
Using employee computer monitoring software managers and employees have a clear understanding of how much time is spent on social media.
For example Yaware.TimeTracker captures all websites that employees use over the day and the duration of use. The software categorises the websites into productive, unproductive and neutral, which allows to assess productivity.
Also Yaware.TimeTracker allows managers to create individual settings. I.e., social media websites are productive for marketers and salespeople, while not necessary for IT department or accountants for everyday work. So, you can create corresponding settings and evaluate productivity more accurately.


Don’t cut off the opportunities for your company. Social media is a great tool that can help your business prosper. Use the employee computer monitoring software to both keep the time spent on social media under control and give employees a tool for better time management.

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