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Don’t you hate the days when you’re in a rush, can’t get your thoughts together and it seems like nothing works right that day? While you might occasionally have such days, the work life of the HR manager is like this almost every day.
HR’s have it harder because they manage a very unstable asset – people. I.e., machines are easier to handle, because they work in a certain way, following scripts and rules. Even though people also ought to follow the rules, they have the freedom to make their own decisions and break/change the rules.
Thus, human resource management becomes an art and requires a lot of talent and knowledge.
Besides for the fact that HR’s have to manage people, they also have to manage tons of data: make sure that employees information is updated, time cards are correct and timely approved, etc.
So, the work of an HR is not easy. What can you do simplify HR management? Implement automatic time tracking.

The benefits of automatic time tracking for the HR department

Better understanding of employee productivity and talents

In order to offer some campaigns and activities for increasing employee productivity, HR’s have to understand how employees work at the moment.
Automatic time tracking allows to analyze the productivity of working hours of each employee and the dynamic of productive vs. unproductive time. This way the HR manager can understand what pushes employees off balance (e.g. who spends the most time on social media) and offer changes that will work right for the productivity of your company.

Streamlined timesheet management

If you still track time and attendance on paper, stop. Please, stop. The automatic time tracker makes the process a million times easier and more accurate.
The problem with paper timesheets is that employees have to log the time into a timesheet manually. And if they can edit the time worked, then inevitably, there is a place for time theft. Needless to say, the that filling out timesheets is something that employees would gladly procrastinate. And last but not least, paper timesheets consume way too much energy and time of your HR manager/s.
Automatic time tracker like Yaware.TimeTracker allows them just to log into the app and manage a single timesheet, that contains all the same data as the paper version but is generated automatically and provides accurate data only.

Simpler time and attendance management

OK, so now my HR has an automatic, accurate timesheet. But what if my employees have a flexible schedule or some of them work part-time? We, say there’s no problem with that. You can either set a full-time (24-hour monitoring) or set an exact schedule.
In the first case, the time tracker will automatically capture the time 24/7. In the second case, the monitoring will only run at certain hours.
So, you have options to choose from. Regardless the option you choose, the time and attendance tracking data will be accurate because it is collected without human interaction.

In conclusion

Automatic time tracking frees up the time of your HR and gives them the opportunity to work on other important stuff. So, don't hesitate! Streamline the work of the HR department today!

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