You’d probably already understood that tracking employees’ productivity is a quite puzzling task. Hours tracking software is one of the most effective ways to cope with the problem. Let’s see how exactly.
You definitely need precise information on the amount of worked hours in your organization. And not just about who was present at his/her workplaces but worked productively – performed the tasks and achieved results?
Major share of conflicts arising at work occurs because of inadequate calculation of the quantity of worked hours – employees often tend to increase this figure or to conceal that they were late, or left earlier. Well, there is nothing unusual about that – it’s in a human nature to do so. Therefore, the best you can do about it as the employer is to adapt and remain in charge.

Hours Tracking with Yaware.TimeTracker: Better Results Through Greater Independence

Small discipline violations often go unnoticed. Apparently, there’s no need to call a meeting of an entire department if several workers were a bit late from their lunch break.
However, the issue may stretch further than that and such innocent breaches may result in gradually worsening discipline. As an employer you’d probably already searched for a suitable solution: something that will allow you to avoid conflicts with staff and make them want to work properly at the same time.
Yaware.TimeTracker is an automatic time tracking software. With it, hours tracking is quick and effortless. Your employees can track the amount of worked hours on their own – you just view reports on each employee or department.

Your Major Benefits

Application of the software can be beneficial to both the employer and employees:

  1. Employees are motivated to work defined number of hours – the software keeps records of them.
  2. You spend 10 minutes a day on data analysis – charts and diagrams make it easy to draw conclusions immediately.
  3. All data is objective.
  4. Employees can check their personal statistics.
  5. It’s easy to improve the discipline – just through talking to your employees on the grounds of precise information.

Report on Hours Tracking
With such accurate data at your disposal the problem disappears altogether. Yaware.TimeTracker hours tracking software is a solution that can make your organization achieve better results.

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