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How do you know if you’re productive or not? It takes some guts to figure this out but, most likely, you’re using a certain explanation of what it means being productive to you.
However, it seems that everyone has a definition of their own. More often than not, this doesn’t mean that someone takes it right while someone is wrong. Probably the best way to interpret productivity is to decide what are your most important things at work.

So what is holding you from smarter work?

Lots of people think: if I’m at work from morning till dawn, answering hundreds of emails and performing endless tasks, I’m extremely productive. However, the reality is a bit different. In fact, the most productive people are the ones who are the least busy.
In other words, it doesn’t matter for how long you’re working. What really matters is how much work you can do in less time. Productivity is not about overwhelming yourself with as many tasks as you can squeeze in your daily plan. Rather, this is about using the right tools, planning effectively and eliminating distractions.

Is there any productivity tool that really helps?

Thankfully, there plenty of tools that help you start being productive and stop being just busy. One good option to consider is a time tracking application like Yaware.TimeTracker that automatically tracks your time and productivity.
Here are just a few benefits the time tracking application provides you with:

  • you don’t have to track your time manually – the app does everything automatically;


  • you can see where your time goes – the app tracks Internet and software use;


  • you can see where you’re most and least productive – the app shows how long each activity takes;


  • you can eliminate distractions – the app shows precisely how long they take you.


The time tracking application measures your time – and improves your work

It makes sense that if there’s something you can measure, it’s way easier for you to improve it. Same goes with your time. Once you know where it goes, how long each activity takes and if it’s productive, you can figure out a better strategy to work smarter and start being really productive.

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