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What are some of the most common mistakes people make while trying to manage their time better and enhance productivity?
Once you know about them, you can think about some effective strategies to get rid of those pitfalls. A time tracking app like Yaware.TimeTracker is a very helpful tool to guide you along the way as it’s a great solution to get unbiased information on your performance.
Here’re 4 common time management mistakes it helps you to reveal and solve effectively.

1. Not prioritizing

Being good at prioritizing is definitely a skill to serve you well at all times. There are never two equally important things to do simultaneously. In other words, you should decide which is necessary to do right now and which can be done later.
A time tracking app helps you prioritize the future activities by giving you a concise estimate of how long your current tasks are taking you. You can then put them on top of your schedule without being afraid they will take you all day long.

2. Failing to track your time

Until you fully understand the value of your time, you tolerate its waste. Maybe you could do twice as much if you speed up performance a bit.
The time tracking app from Yaware is a great way to get an unbiased information on where your time goes and where you’re most and least productive. It will save you a great deal of time in the first place as it tracks everything automatically. Not only you will see why and where you’re losing your time but also get a deep insight into your productivity patterns. How exactly? Well, the app precisely tracks your Internet and software use as well as time spent on each activity so you’ve got all real-time data you need right in front of you.

3. Not stopping doing things which are no longer worth the effort

Some activities you do may be inefficient for some reason. Again, it’s good to track the time that each activity takes. It will show whether the efforts and time you spend on performing the task are worth the results it brings. For example, you spent 3 hours on a task that doesn’t bring you any value in terms of higher profits, higher customer satisfaction or any other KPI important to your business. Maybe it’s high time to eliminate it and start doing something more effective?
It’s not always easy to stop doing ineffective things – partly because you get used to those tasks, partly because you don’t want to shake your routine with new activities which are yet to be learned.
However, it’s really important that you eliminate the ineffective tasks because otherwise you’ve got no time to move forward and improve.

4. Being easily distracted by unimportant things

It takes around 20 mins to fully get back to the task once it was interrupted. Can you imagine how much time you’re losing every day? That’s why you should consciously eliminate those distractions because they are too costly to be ignored.
Your first step will be tracking the time distractions take you. Here, too, the time tracking can go to work as it accurately measures the time you spend on unproductive resources so you can eliminate them in the future.

The time tracking app makes your time work for you

To sum up, these time management mistakes are common but you can easily overcome them. What you need are clear priorities, accurate estimates of where your time goes, effective efforts and strong focus on work. The time tracking app like Yaware.TimeTracker is a handy tool to get started.

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