‘Time is money’ – this saying is mostly associated with businessmen, and it’s no wonder. Most people at the steering wheel of a company know the true value of time too well. For them, building a successful business sometimes means devoting all the time to work, even sacrificing the precious minutes of rest with family or kids.
To avoid such situations and pursue the set goals, they do their best to manage the time at work wisely to exclude wasting it for unimportant things. And, naturally, this is expected from all their employees. However, hired staff motivation can be much weaker than that of their bosses. If they receive fixed salary and work fixed hours, sometimes it’s hard to focus on work only, with numerous distractions within a mouse click.
Many employees don’t have the time-management skills to correctly use their time at work. Trying to track the working time manually by noting down all activities and the time used for each of them is seldom effective. People have to distract every now and then to write down the new activity, frequently forget to do it and end up inventing the data to fill the gaps in their daily report.

How a time tracking app helps to avoid wasting time at work

Using a time tracking service would make much more sense and be very useful for employees in terms of more effective time management. Here’s why:
Total automation
First of all, once installed on the employee computer, it requires no further actions to make it work. A time tracker launches along with the computer and records the work starting and finishing time, the duration of breaks and the time taken for all the activities both online and offline, plus the software and websites used.
Improving employee time-management skills
With a time-tracker, each employee has access to the detailed personal statistics on the time and resources used for each activity and overall hours worked. This helps to determine weak points taking too long and plan the activities for the day ahead better.
Productivity boost
While no one actually “stands behind their back”, employees tend to avoid distractions and spending time for personal matters when they know their time is being tracked. This leads to the growth of employee individual efficiency, and correspondingly – to the overall company productivity increase.
These are just a few of the advantages of a time tracker implementation for the company staff. It is also a great help for the manager in charge of employee productivity. Thanks to the reports feature, a few mouse clicks provide access to the full picture of staff activity. Department wise or individual reports instantly show the following data:

  • who was late for work or left too early, and how many hours have been worked in total;
  • who works overtime and deserves a reward or who stays late because of the poor self-discipline;
  • which resources your employees use for work and which top the list of the distractions.

This way, spending just about 15 minutes a day on viewing the time tracking app reports, you stay in total control at all times and can take immediate action when needed.


Obviously, a time tracking app can become a valuable asset for your company, so hurry up to try out Yaware.TimeTracker at no cost for 14 days after a quick registration. At the end of this period you’ll see that your employees can be much more productive.

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