Reasons to use a time tracking tool

There are multiple reasons why businesses should use a time tracking tool. However, not all know about them.
So, here is a list of 6 compelling reasons for your company to start using a time tracking solution:

1) It Helps Employees Focus

Some employees might not even suspect how much time a day they waste on social media and that they are the reason for staying up late at the office.
A time tracking app provides employees with a list of used apps and visited websites, as well as their productivity status. So, employees can eliminate the unproductive time by themselves.

2) Businesses can Manage Human Resources Better

Keeping accurate records of employees’ time, schedules, vacations, etc. requires a lot of work, time and great organizational skills.
Time tracking application helps to streamline HRM processes. Because the application collects all the information automatically, it helps to save time and eliminate data entry errors.
HR managers no longer have to enter the data from paper timesheets into a database, they can export it from the time tracker.

3) It Increases Employee Productivity

A huge boost in productivity is one of the multiple benefits that companies experience when using a time tracking tool.
Because employees get the reports about their working time as well, they get a better idea of how they spend the working day and how they use time online.
Teams can determine what interferes and powers their productivity, which activities take longer than they should and which are executed faster. As a result, they can pitch ideas on how to optimize the performance, rearrange plans and correct time needed to finish a task/project.

4) The Tracking Data Allows to Uncover Areas That Need Improvement

Tracking employee time and performance is simple, if you’re using a time tracking application.
It takes minimum time to look through the reports and understand what should be improved in employees’ and company’s performance.
Maybe, you’re holding too many meetings, or employees spend more time on break because they have to go out to get lunch. Revise the frequency and agenda of meetings and provide in-house lunches. Even simple thing like these can boost the productivity of employees and save their time.

5) It Allows to Determine Top Performers

Time tracking tool allows to nominate the top performers of your company easily. This depicts not only in the amount of worked hours but also their quality.
Some time tracking apps, like Yaware.TimeTracker builds ratings of employees according to their productive and unproductive time. It makes it even easier and faster to nominate those who are the most and least efficient.
Once you determined this, you can help your employees grow by awarding the best performers and training those who are lagging behind.

6) Assess the Productivity of Telecommuters and Bill Clients Properly

Evaluating the work of an employee who is thousand miles away from you seems to be impossible. But technology made it quick and simple.
For those who outsource a part of the job, time tracking tool allows to assess the performance of telecommuters and provide customers, whom you bill by hour with accurate numbers.
You can show how much time a freelancer has been working on a certain project, expenses related to his work and productivity analysis.


Time tracking tool is crucial for every business that wants to grow and prosper. It provides information and opportunities, which if used correctly and timely benefit both businesses and their employees.

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