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If you run a business, chances are good that you already use some software to simplify the work of your team and streamline key processes. One area that any business can definitely automate and simplify is attendance tracking.
Why would you need to automate it? Mainly because the benefits of automatic time and attendance tracking are too significant to ignore them:

  • higher business productivity;


  • strong employee morale;


  • healthy corporate culture;


  • cost efficiency.

Here’s a quick roadmap to successful time and attendance tracking implementation which will save you some time and efforts.

1. Select time and attendance tracking software

Apparently, the first step is to choose which app is going to be best one to suit your needs. Factors such as your company’s size, software’s price and features are important to consider.

2. Set expectations

What do you aim at with implementing time and attendance software? What do you expect to improve with it? It’d be smart to figure out the improvements you strive to see as well as the deadlines for achieving them. The vendor will most likely help you with some stats based on the clients’ experience so you will have a better insight into important figures and deadlines.

3. Communicate with your team beforehand

Successful time and attendance tracking implementation in large part depends on how your team takes it. It would certainly be wise to discuss the process with them in advance. The data you will receive with this software will maximize productivity and cut costs which is of course leads to bigger wins for everyone on a team.

4. Exploit the data to the fullest

What is really good about the stats you get with automatic time and attendance tracking is that they’re fresh, accurate and automatically updated. You can analyze them at anytime as well as share them with your staff.


Investing in time and attendance tracking software like Yaware.TimeTracker saves a great deal of time, money and sanity. A few simple steps shown above will help you make this process faster and easier.

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  1. Lauren Woodley

    I definitely agree that it’s important to set expectation when your company is trying to implement time and attendance software. As you say, if you don’t communicate effectively what you expect the improvements to be, then you’re not going to actually see those improvements. Thus, when you are as transparent and open as possible with your employees and what you expect with them, then the implementations that you are trying to do will be more successful. Thank you for sharing!

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