To grow your business faster you need accurate feedback on your performance. Web-based time tracking software is a handy tool for making important metrics clearly visible and available to both you and your team anytime. Below are several problems that might hold you back and which the web-based time tracking software can help to solve.

1. You want to know where your time goes at work

Poor time management is often the reason why plans are not followed and deadlines are not met. Web-based time tracking will instantly show you what slows you down most of all and what you can do to speed up performance.

2. You need accurate attendance system

Increasing number of businesses already discovered they can benefit more with flextime or remote staff. But for many companies timely attendance is still important.
Tracking it automatically could be a relief for both managers and staff. Managers don’t have to manually check when everyone came while employees don’t have to remember about pushing timers.
Web-based time tracking also helps to calculate payroll accurately which is very important for both the team and the company. Since work hours are precisely recorded, no one is going to feel underestimated.

3. You’re drowning in mountains of paperwork

If your managers and staff spend more time on filling in pointless forms than on actual work, clearly something goes wrong. To spare your employees the need to cope with excess paperwork and become a more eco-friendly business you can move all stats on time and productivity to the cloud.
This way you can not only completely eliminate paperwork but analyze those stats much easier. You’ll be able to access them from a single online account via your favorite smartphone from any place on the globe.

4. You want to evaluate future projects objectively

Tracking time and productivity is a good way to estimate what projects turned out to be the most profitable – and not just in terms of money but in terms of time spent on them too.
Tracking the time is also a good approach to improve planning and set realistic deadlines. This way it’s easier to repeatedly deliver higher customer value and exceed customer expectations.

5. You lack simple, yet insightful reporting system

If you feel that gathering and analyzing information takes too long and you lack actionable insight into the work of your team, web-based time tracking software can help a lot. The stats are organized into simple, clear formats and take several minutes to analyze (not to mention the fact they are collected automatically).
Moreover, these stats can be easily shared with the team so everyone can see their progress.

Web-based time tracking software grows your business

Whether you’re a business owner, a manager or a freelancer you should use any technique that speeds up performance and saves time. Web-based time tracking software ticks all the boxes.

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