Reasons rto love online time tracking software

Using an online time tracking software is a great idea for businesses that are looking for ways to improve productivity and workflow.
But executives might face a serious problem – the unacceptance of the software by employees.

Why your employees may dislike the idea of tracking time?

First and the most common reason for employees’ unacceptance is the lack of communication between executives and employees. If you don’t talk to your employees before implementing the software, it may spread a lot of rumors and fears.
Subconsciously, we are afraid of unknown. So, when there’s new software to be used, it’s natural that employees are wary of it. They don’t have a clues what it’s going to do, how staff can benefit and what are the consequences unless you make it all clear.
The second reason might be the negative experience with time tracking of someone from the team. In conjunction with ignorance (the first reason), it turns into gossiping.
The employees with negative experience willingly share it with co-workers and this way create tension within the team.
In both cases, communication is the key to smooth implementation of online time tracking software.
Furthermore, the use of such software turns out into the following benefits for employees.

Five reasons why your employees will actually love time tracking

1. Better time management skills

If you want to manage something well (time in particular) you have to measure it first. I.e., know where your time goes, and you will be able to eliminate the waste and free up some of the day.
Yaware.TimeTracker presents a great possibility for employees to do that. Using this app employees can view their personal reports that allow to see Internet and application use. As well as the duration of use if each resource. It is simple to see what eats your time when you have a clear data in front of you.  

2. A possibility to have a flex schedule

Giving a possibility to have a flex schedule is known to be a major booster of employee productivity.
But keeping accurate records of flex-timers might be difficult. Not with online time tracking software.
It automatically captures the time employees begin and finish work, as well as total worked time and days worked. So, all the records needed for payroll are there.

3. Accurate paychecks

Using Yaware.TimeTracker employees are guaranteed to receive accurate paychecks because the software is automatic. This means that all the records about start and stop time, total worked time and worked days are collected without human interaction and can not be changed.

4. A chance to get a promotion

The reports of online time tracking software allow persistent and initiative employees get a promotion much faster and easier.
Their great performance is always at manager’s sight, which in conjunction with high output makes them stand out.  

5. Better work-life balance

With improved time management skills and the job that employees love to do, they feel more productive and motivated.
They are motivated to stay organised, finish projects on time and improve their performance.
When things at work are great, there will be more time for friends and family.


Implementation of an online time tracking software can be smooth and bring you and your employees numerous benefits. All you have to do is just talk to your team.

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