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Every business owner is trying to cut the budget of the company because of the hard times in world economics. That`s why many of them try to find a free time tracking software when they want to monitor employee work and boost employees` productivity.
But choosing a free time tracking software is almost like trusting your whole business to a student – there`s way more problems than benefits.

Why is free software not always good for business?

There are 5 reasons why you should think twice before you decide to use a free time tracking software to estimate and boost productivity in your company.

1. No updates available

Free services, usually don`t develop, because there`s no financial interest to keep those who are already using the service and attract new customers.

2. No service support

If you have any problems with the free service, it will remain your problem because free software is usually not provided with technical support.

3. It`s a decoy

Quite often, free services are not what you need. You go to the website, study the features of the program and understand that this is what you are looking for. But after downloading it turns out that the free version has a few features and to get the full set – you have to pay.

4. Specific audience

Free time tracking software is mainly developed for personal use. While business owners want to monitor the work of a bigger number of employees.
Sure, you can monitor the activity of every employee individually. But you will face the problem of collecting and analyzing the information.
Just imagine how much time it will take to estimate the productivity of the whole department or company!

5. Takes away your time

Of course, you can always give up one of the free programs and try to find another one. But who will pay for the time that has been wasted?
Again, what will you do if another program also does not satisfy your needs? You`re going to look for a third, fourth, fifth? And time? Time goes by.

Why do services with paid subscriptions still exist?

The Internet abounds with a variety of free time tracking software. But nevertheless paid services are still running and there are customers who are ready to buy them. Why?
Because paid services are primarily qualitative. The developers are interested in retaining and attracting new customers that`s why they make sure to keep their product growing.
Yaware.TimeTracker belongs to that category. We`re constantly improving our software to comply with the highest standards.

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