Benefits of Time and Attendance Tracking Software

Keeping track of employees` work time can be more difficult than it seems at a first site. If you keep track of employees time manually, you risk to have an unclearnesses of how employees spend their time during the day. In addition, meetings, conferences or training should to be tracked specifically. That`s why, time and attendance tracking software gains its popularity. The tool allows business owners easily manage the process, when employees are working and when they’re not.
Many companies are starting to realize the importance of time and attendance tracking software, such as Yaware.TimeTracker, as a way to measure and improve productivity. Here are the following advantages of using this tool:

  1. Determination of hard working employees. Almost all people are really busy, but some employees seem to stay longer hours than others in the office. It can be that they are extra-dedicated, but it can also be that these employees are loaded with work. So, you can see, who stays longer than others, how they spend the after hours time and then determine the reason.
  2. Identification of poor performance. Yaware provides you with all necessary data to determine who shows the signs of poor morale, such as late arrivals and early departures.
  3. Increase of team efficiency. You can track if your team stays until 8pm in the office because they want to, or need to. As a result, you can provide them with the training or discuss their workload. Either way, time tracker gives you the data that allows to boost team productivity and happiness.
  4. Meetings improvement. Yaware allows to see how much time was spent away from the computer. So, the managers can learn if the meetings, conferences or training take too long and try to shorten that time. For example, a meeting for 4 people, that lasts one hour weekly can be cut off to 30 minutes. This simple change can save 104 working hours.
  5. Monitoring employee internet usage. Because managers receive reports on the most frequently used websites, they can discuss the Internet usage with employees. It helps to make it clear for employees which websites are unwanted to visit during the day.

Embrace the benefits of time and attendance tracking software.

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