Work hours tracker to save time and moneuy

Over time business processes transform. This requires the executives to constantly improve and change the way they run their companies, including the software and tools that they use.

An application that was useful a couple of years ago and helped significantly streamline the work of certain departments, today might be not as efficient and even time-consuming. That’s why new apps and tools emerge.

E.g., work hours tracker, which gives important insights to managers and executives is a popular business app. Here are 4 ways that a company loses without a working hours tracker.

You Lose Time, Literally

You are a modern IT company or anyone whose employees spend most of their time at the computer, but you still use paper timesheets? Or, you might be using a more up-to-date version of those  – Excel spreadsheets.

Both methods mean that employees have to remember to write down their start and stop time every day, which inevitably leads to inaccuracy and possibility of time theft.

Besides, someone has to enter the data into the computer, which creates room for human mistakes.

The benefit of work hours tracker: an application like Yaware.TimeTracker is automatic, which naturally increases data accuracy by hundred. Also, all the data is already in the computer and can be exported to CSV, PDF, and Excel, which simplifies editing and sharing.

You Don’t Have Productivity Insights

What do you see when looking at a timesheet? Right, plain numbers. By analyzing them you can’t assess employee productivity, and what you can’t measure – you can’t improve.

The benefit of working hours tracker: such application allows to analyze Internet and software use, which nowadays impacts employee productivity.

E.g., Yaware.TimeTracker divides all websites and applications that employees use during the day into productive, unproductive and neutral. Then, it generates the collected data into a visual report, which enables to assess the working process of each employee and improve it.

You Lose Money Because of Unused or Misused Software

Business productivity software is an enabler. It gives many opportunities and ways for improvement.

But is all the software and tools that you buy are used? How often are they used? And most importantly, are they used for full value?

The benefit: work hours tracker allows to see which applications employees use on daily basis and which they use occasionally. With a tracking system, it’s easy to define which specific software is not used at all. E.g., you bought a subscription for a marketing analysis tool. But it comes out, that employees don’t use it, because they found a better alternative.

Do the same analysis with the rest of departments to save the money of the company.

The confidential data might be endangered

There is always a possibility for employees to give out company secrets while chatting with their friends on social media. Or there’s a risk for company network to be hacked or “infected” if employees visit unreliable websites.

The benefit of working hours tracker: a working hours tracker like Yaware.TimeTracker allows to take desktop screenshots. This feature helps to protect both your company's network and employees. See if someone visits unreliable or inappropriate websites during working time, and talk to them explaining that their actions endanger the company.


So, are you still sure that your business can afford to exist without a work hours tracker? Maybe it’s just the right time to implement one?

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