Why is automatic time tracking software better than manual ways of tracking time? Because we are far away from cavemen. We live among technologies, this way, old methods cost you into hours of wasted time, lost money or clients.
Instead of wasting time on tracking it and wasting time of your employees, switch to the automatic time tracking solution, which will help you with the following:

Eliminate manual data entry errors

Manual time tracking is outdated and has way too much room for mistakes.
First, of all, employees can forget the time they started and finished the work day, confuse the time spent executing the task. This hurts both you and your employees because manual time tracking does not provide accuracy.
Second of all, someone has to process and arrange the tracking data. Collecting and analyzing big amounts of data, especially paper-based is difficult and significantly saps attention and concentration, which results into mistakes.
Automatic time tracking software collects the information about employee time and attendance for you, so the possibility of making a mistake is impossible.

Get ready for payroll faster

You can significantly reduce the time needed for your company to get ready for payroll, and at the same time reduce data entry errors.
What companies mostly need for payroll is information about employees worked time, attendance, vacation, and leaves. Keeping all this information in written form is a burden both for employees and those who collect and process that information.
The whole process is time-consuming, and like said before has too much room for mistakes.
An automatic time tracking software provides you, your accountants and HR managers with accurate information, which can be accessed from a single workplace.

Bill clients accurately and increase reputation

If you charge by the hour, automatic time tracking software will provide your clients with accurate information about the time you spent working on a project.
This way you benefit, because you have proofs of executed work and spent time, so you invoice correctly, and your clients get accurate reports, so they know what they pay for.
Providing accurate and full reports make you a reliable company for the clients, so your reputation increases.

Reduce employee stress

Paper timesheets and Excel spreadsheets are a hassle for employees. Manual time tracking requires a lot of distraction because employees have to start and stop the timer every time they take a break while executing the task or get interrupted by another task.
With automatic time tracking software employees don’t have to start and stop the timer, when they start and finish their work day. And when they go for a break, the system automatically stops tracking time. No stress, no need to be afraid because you didn’t write down the time you started and finished.
As you can see, an automatic time tracking solution can save your employee's hours of work and improve accuracy. So, take the advantages of automatic time tracking and sign up for Yaware.TimeTracker right away!

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