time and attendance tracking software

SaaS time and attendance tracking software is probably the most cost effective solution to level up productivity in your company. Not only it keeps your costs down, but also adds greater flexibility and cutting edge to the way you do your business.
Such software delivers you valuable data on your team’s time and productivity. The stats are real-time, accurate and automatically updating.
Here’re some other benefits of SaaS time and attendance tracking software that are definitely considering when looking for ways to boost your business productivity.

Smaller IT costs

For some, it may sound like a too-good-to-be-true solution, but that’s just the way any SaaS works. No IT staff needed to manage the software, no upgrades to remember about, no paperwork to process. You can hardly find another solution to save you big in so many ways.

Time and attendance tracking software is easily scalable

Regardless of how large (or small) your team is, you can easily adopt the software for your needs. Simply put, you’re only paying for employees who actually use that software.

Meeting your diverse needs with customization

A company often faces different challenges while trying to adopt the time and attendance tracking technique. Different employment schemes, different schedules and job responsibilities – all of this makes it harder to organize the process smoothly.
However, this is not true with the time and attendance software. You can fully customize it for the needs of your team and simplify their work. At the same time, you can also manage schedule and balance workload easier.

Access from everywhere

One of the most important benefits of tracking time and attendance with SaaS is that the stats are available from anywhere. Whether you’re abroad, travelling, or just want to check out the stats on your team’s time and productivity while commuting, SaaS is going to save you a great deal of money and sanity.
While you’ve got access to all stats, you can also share them with your team. This way you can keep everyone posted on their productivity and reward them fairly.


Thanks to its useful features, SaaS time and attendance tracking software like Yaware.TimeTracker is another handy tool you can use to maximize your business productivity. After all, benefits such as actionable insight into your team’s performance, reduced costs and access from anywhere are too significant to ignore them any longer.

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